Indian Tricolor nail art- Celebrate the colors of freedom on your nails

Independence day is round the corner and it is time for some gorgeous tricolor nail art!
I love painting my nails in tricolor for the celebration in office and among friends. This time I decided of doing a nail art compilation post for you cuties out there who wants to have gorgeous nails for the independence day. 

Indian flag located in CP. My click!

You can try out these nails for basically any Indian holiday like Republic day too or just to show off your true patriotic spirit. I have included some of my nails as well as some good ones i found on internet. Hope you will love them!

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Chevron tricolor nails

Watercolor tricolor nails

Lacy tricolor nails

 Gradient tricolor nails

Simple yet stunning tricolor nails

Gradient tricolor nails

Bharat mata nails

Easy to do gradient nails

Candy cane inspired tricolor nails

Nostalgic simple tricolor nails!

Animal print with tricolor!

 Simple yet stunning tricolor nails

Stamp art with tricolor flag!

Wavy tricolor nail art

You can try out these tattoos too or body paint for showing your patriotic spirit like i did last time!

If you are doing something on your nails, do share them with me on FB or twitter!

Happy Independence Day!

Lots of Love!!!