The Little Mermaid Inspired Nail Art ideas | Beach, Sea, Fish inspired nails

The Little Mermaid or the story of Ariel is a popular one among Disney lovers. We have seen it in episodes on Disney Channel as well as a movie in various forms. And the new one is also quite popular among Disney lovers. Watching this cartoon as a kid, I was always fascinated by the mermaids and mermen. The trident, living under the sea, finding little treasures in every corner and magical creatures seemed super fun. I can't be a mermaid, but I can have nails inspired by them! So, here are my nail art ideas for the Mermaids, fishes, sea and beach themes. 

Mermaid-inspired nail art idea

I enjoyed making this cure Ariel on my thumbnail. Not the perfect one, but I freehanded it so I am pretty proud of it. 

Fish scale-inspired nails are quite fascinating. I did two versions of it. In the above version, I used bright colours with a unicorn chrome powder finish and white stamping polish. For the version below, I used soft colours, aurora flakies for the effect and black stamping polish. You can see how drastically different each looks. 

Under the Sea Nails

This one is inspired by the magical creatures and treasures found under the sea. Rhinestone hills, with golden reefs and golden animals floating. Beautiful!

Sea-Inspired Nails!

This nail polish represents the sea foam and blue sea colour. 

And this one represents all the bubbles created by the fish and deep sea divers in the water.

Shell nail art 

If you love shells, this nail art is for you. 

Starfish inspired nails

I love starfishes. How they regenerate a lost arm and have the most vivid colours, is fascinating.  Made these glow-in-dark orange starfishes floating on the sea bed. With the sun reflecting through foams from the surface. 

Beach-inspired nail art ideas

This nail art is inspired by beautiful sunsets and warm beaches. Spending evenings at the beach and enjoying the view. 

And this one shows the life of surfing and relaxing on a hot sunny day at the beach.

I hope you loved all these cute Little mermaid, Beach, Sea and Fish inspired nail art ideas. Do try them for the summer season. All the tutorials are available on Crazy Nailzz Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels. If you want any specific one, mention it in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!

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