Bath and Body Works Haul review | Luxury bath and body products in budget

I love nice fragrant bath and body products. Whether it is a perfumed lotion, a hand cream or a shower gel, it has to have a pleasant scent. It helps me enjoy my bath and relax my senses. So, I regularly try new aromatic bath and body products from different brands. Among them, Bath and Body Works is one of my favourite brands. It has a wide range of aromatic products for men and women. In today's blog, I am here with some of my favourite pieces from the brand. Let's start the review.


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I got three variants of shower gel ( 1 full size and 2 travel size) and 1 variant of body lotion. 

Why Aroma Therapy is good for you?

Aroma therapy helps in regaining mind, body and soul strentgh. It helps you to relax and feel good. The aroma, whether you choose a strong or light one helps to feel enlightened after a long day. If you are finding it troubling to sleep at night, a nice aroma can help in that too. Take bath using your favourite bath and body products, apply lotion and spray some body mist. It will calm your senses improving the sleep. 

How can I do Aroma Therapy at home?

You do not need a lot of products for aroma therapy. An aromatic shower gel, lotion, body mist, and candles are good for doing it. You can get them all or any of them to relax at home. Make your bath time relaxing by setting the mood. Light up aromatic candles, play a soothing playlist of your favourite music, turn off the phone and other such devices and take a relaxing bath. You will feel at calm instantly. If you have a bathtub at home, draw a warm bath with epsom salts and aromatic bath bombs. 

A Thousand Wishes 

It smells like warm floral woody kinda aroma with a touch of sweetness. It smells rich and festive, kinda makes you feel upbeat and creates a nice mood. 

What it smells like: A sweet, heart-warming celebration.

Fragrance notes: pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber and amaretto crème

It is absolutely mesmerising. Love the sweet floral aroma. The aroma lingers on the skin for a few hours which I love. And if you pair it with the lotion from the same variant, the aroma will stay longer. 

Into the Night

This one is dark, sensual and very incense smell. It also has a smoky sweet berry-like scent. The aroma is quite distinct and stays for a long. I liked it so much that I got a full size in this. 

What it smells like: a timeless, feminine, alluring night on the town.

Fragrance notes: raspberry noir, amber crystals, velvety rose petals, creamy patchouli and mocha musk.

Into the Night is one of my top favourites from the brand. The aroma is sensual and makes me feel really good. I advise highly you to get the lotion with this one. You will LOVE IT!


It smells like a classic rose aroma, the least favourite of them all. This is a sweet but not overpowering scent. Very Basic!

What it smells like: A clean, playful, light blend of airy rose water, jasmine petals and creamy musk

It is an average shower gel aroma for me and probably will not get it again. 

Warm Vanilla sugar

It smells like warm vanilla with a floral woody touch. The scent of a bakery with vanilla cookies, that's what it smells like. It is comforting, soothing for the senses and makes you feel good. 

What it smells like: Enjoy an irresistibly creamy, sweet treat in your cosiest cashmere.

Fragrance notes: intoxicating vanilla, white orchid, sparkling sugar, fresh jasmine and creamy sandalwood.

Again one of the top favourites! I am a vanilla person and this is love to me. The scent is blissful and heavenly. words cannot describe. 

Pros of  Bath and Body Works Shower gels

  • Less is more. Little goes a long way.
  • It lathers so well. All of them cleanse skin nicely making you feel fresh. 
  • Highly aromatic and soothing
  • Does not dry out the skin after washing.

  • Bit pricey.
  • Some fragrances are average.
  • Wish the fragrance would last a bit longer on the skin.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Body lotions
  • Very hydrating and softens the skin
  • The aroma stays for a long time
  • Little goes a long way


Can't find cons to this one.

I hope you liked this review. I will post more about Bath and Body Works products soon. 

Lots of Love!!!

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