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 For someone who loves doing nails but doesn't want to wear them all day, press-on nails are a blessing. These nails can save a lot of your time and effort, and you can enjoy beautiful nails. They are affordable and versatile. Available for every nail bed and shape, All you have to do is choose one. If can save you a lot of money as well as trips to the salon for nail extensions and then for removals. However, It gives you the freedom of wearing nails whenever you want. If you like long nails, wear them for a party or wedding and remove them after you reach home. No harm to the natural nails during removal as well. 

As much as I love doing my nails, press-on nails are my favourite too. I love wearing my nails short, but once in a while, getting long nails is something I like doing. And with press-on nails, I have that freedom. today, I will share this new brand I tried for Press-on nails. They have premium handmade nails as well as normal affordable press-on nail sets. And in this blog, I will review the affordable ones. 

You can explore other amazing nails from the brand as well. 

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Let me show you what I got!

Flower French Tips Blue Medium Almond Press On Nails

This one is my favourite of these three. Such a beautiful nail art design and colour selection. I wish they would provide this design in various other shades as well. The tips are medium-sized in almond shape. If you are looking for cute wedding nails, these would be perfect. It is matte and super lightweight to wear. And they have rhinestones on them which enhances the beauty of these press-on nails. 

Bettycora Sunset Pink Checkerboard Oval Nails

This one is a medium oval-shaped press on a nail set. It is inspired by retro vibes having waves, flowers and a checkerboard pattern. The colourful nail art design gives it a nice pop of colour. It is cute and would be perfect for kids. The tips are lightweight and easy to wear.

Glitter Nude French Tip Medium Coffin Press On Nails

These are beautiful nude nails for everyday wear. They have this lovely and elegant-looking medium size coffin shape. Not too flashy or subtle, but just perfect. These tips are very lightweight so you don't even know you are wearing fake nails. I prefer the glue tabs that come with the pack instead of glue. It helps to reuse them whenever I want. 

Each pack contains

Each pack by Betty Cora has 24 nails of different sizes. You can choose them according to your nail bed. It also has 2 alcohol swabs, one glue tube, one tab of jelly adhesive or glue tabs, one wooden stick, one nail file, and an instruction manual. It is pretty easy to use and beginner friendly. 

I hope you love this review and will try them. I will post a review of their handmade press-on nails soon. 

Lots of Love!!!

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