Oh Honey Soft Gel Tips Haul Review | Application & Swatching

When you are planning to do a gel manicure at home, soft gel tips are important part of it. And in India, there are limited brands that offer good quality tips. Out of all these, only a handful of them are available at affordable prices. If you are tired of buying tips from random stores and regretiing it, it is time to try India's first soft gel tips brand, Oh Honey. This is a small brand with about 6-7 products targeting gel manicures. Trust me, you are going to love them.  

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Oh Honey Medium Square Tips - Sassy Squares

Cost: Rs. 1000 for 240 tips

Square tips are quite popular for everyday mani. They are easy to maintain and can be shaped in squaval or oval shapes easily. These are prebuffed around cuticle, so you do not have to do it. They best part I like about it is that they are lightweight. I have tried them with glue gel and adhesive glue tabs. And it works effortlessly for any gel manicure.

Oh Honey Medium Round Tips - Romantic Rounds

Cost: Rs. 1000 for 240 tips

In quality they are similar to square tips but the shape is round around the edges. I have created several looks using these so you can visit my Instagram or Facebook channel to watch nail art looks and tutorials. 

Another thing that I would love to highlight about them is easy removal. They do not harm the nail during removal at all. All you have to do is, dip the nails in warm water, apply some acetone on them after and removal gently using an orange stick.

What I dont like about the tips?

They are very nice and easy to use. But I find the length of the tips a bit longer for my taste. And I have to chop them off and file them to get the shape again. when I am buying pre-shaped tips, I do not wish to get into such hassle. I wish they are available in a bit smaller length. Hopefully he brand will include some more lenghts in future. 

Oh Honey My Mini Lamp

Buy here: My Mini LED lamp
Cost: Rs. 900

This is the cutest LED lamp I have used. It is small enough to fit your handbag if you are traveling. and you can keep one in your office too. It makes doing gel manicures so much easier on the go. It comes with a usb cable so you can use it with any USB connecting device. It has an on and off switch and has a timer of 60 seconds. I got it in white color but there are other cute colors available too. 

Oh Honey Nail Glue Gel

You can buy it here: Nail Glue Gel
Cost: Rs. 700 for 15ml 

This nail gel glue is HEMA free so it is quite safe to use. Unlike other nail glues, it is quite thick in consistency, almost has a builder gel like feel. So, it becomes quite easy to apply the glue gel and hold the nail while curing it. I will suggest that do each nail individually and flash cure them for 30 seconds. Once done, you can cure them together for 60-90 seconds. The brand says that you need to cure bare nails while application, but I have used the glue gel on pre-designed set as well and it works fine. So, take my tip with a grain of salt. 

Here is an application video I did on Instagram

You can also know more about these products and its application on my Youtube Channel @Crazynailzz



Explore this brand and try these products at least once. It will indeed make your home manicures fun. These might seem a bit procey at first, but when you can more than 20 sets of manicure from these, it is worth it. 

Lots of Love!!!

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