Born Pretty Cuticle Oil Review & Swatch | Cuticle care tips for healthy nails

When it comes to nail growth, cuticle care plays an important role in it. They cover your nail growth matrix which maintains the health of the nail. If the cuticle is damaged and dry, your nail will show it. It will have ridges and ribbed surfaces. The nail will grow very slowly and break easily. It will chip with a slight touch of hard surface and look dull. In today's blog, I will review the Born Pretty cuticle oil pen. Let's get started.

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Buy it here: Born Pretty Cuticle Oil

Cost: Rs. 250 for 5ml

Fragrances available: Peach, Rose, Jasmine, Orange, Lavender, Strawberry

I got the rose one. It has the most amazing floral rosey kinda fragrance. Very aromatic and pleasant. 

Ingredients: The brand has not mentioned any ingredients on the pack, but on the product page it says 100% oil with 10+ types of plant ingredients and rich vitamins.  

The shade names are mentioned on the cap of the pen.


The packaging is pretty straightforward. It is a pen with oil stored in it and has a bristle brush for application. You have to twist the pen clockwise to release the oil. Once it is released, you will see the bristles saturated in oil. Apply it and done. It also has little flowers floating in the tube of oil. The colour varies with the variant. The design is very user-friendly and you can carry it around in your small vanity bag or handbag.

Easy to use 

Due to the simple packaging, it is quite easy to use. The bristles allow you to apply the oil on the nails and cuticles conveniently. There is no spill or excess oil release. If you want more, twist the pen clockwise. Simple!

My thoughts

I have never seen cuticle oil does wonders. They do what they are supposed to do only - make cuticles soft and nails healthy. It will not magically heal your damaged nails. It will take time and will work only if the damage is not irreparable. Similarly, this cuticle oil did help my nails. It made the cuticles soft and prevented unnecessary breakage or chips. But to achieve this, you must apply oil several times a day or at least every time after you wash your hands. My nail growth is good so cannot comment on the speed of growth. But yes, it helps eventually, after a couple of months of regular usage. Please do not expect overnight miracles!

Why cuticle care is important?

They are part of our skin and sit on top of the nail growth matrix. The growth matrix is the part of the nail that grows. According to Richard Scher, MD, Dermatology Professor at Cornell University, Cuticles are "there for a reason, like a barrier or a protection for the nail matrix,". So, it is very crucial for you to take care of them properly. And this includes moisturising them several times a day. 

For this, you need a proper oil-based moisturiser which seeps deep into the cuticles keeping them soft and healthy. This further helps your nails to grow faster, stronger and break or chip less. I use 2-3 types of cuticle oil throughout the day. I have one in my handbag, one on the work table and one on my side table near the bed. You have to be this obsessive to make your nails healthy. 

Tips for Cuticle and Nail Care

  • Apply oil several times a day.
  • Moisturise your hands as well as cuticles every time you wash your hands.
  • Avoid cuticle cuticles. It can cause serious damage to your nail plate. You can try pushing them back gently using a metal cuticle pusher. 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on cuticles and nails.

Lots of Love!!!

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