BORN PRETTY Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Rabbit Giraffe Animal-L005 Review

 Hello everyone!

I am back with another stamping plate review. I am enjoying this little series of stamping plates where I review stamping plates and share nail art done using them with you. In today's blog, I will show you Born Pretty stamping plate number L005. This one is a super cute stamping plate with an animal theme. Very Kawaii, this plate has a lot of animal patterns, quite toony in nature. 

Before we begin, recently I noticed that some websites started to copy content from my blog's feed Crazy Nailzz and post the entire content as theirs. The sad part is, they never give credits and sometimes Google prioritizes them over my website. So, if you recognise my nails and content, please let me know. Also, please save my content on your Pinterest as well. It will help me establish authenticity.

You can buy it here: 

BORN PRETTY Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Rabbit Giraffe Animal-L005

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Cost: Rs. 415.99

The theme of the stamping plate

The theme of the plate is around cute animals. Cats, rabbits, pandas, pigs, tigers, giraffes, and many other cute animals can be found on this plate. Along with this, there are small leafy patterns, bamboo shoots, paw prints, animal food, and little elements like this included in this. You can create so many versatile patterns with this. 

What do I love about it?

The patterns are made for small nails. I have a naturally small nail bed so it becomes difficult when a plate has large patterns. But this one has so many cute and smaller patterns. Even the full-nail coverage ones are small enough to fit on my nail. This quality makes it perfect for everyone. 

I have posted nail tutorials using this plate on my Instagram and Facebook channels. Go ahead and explore them. I am sure you will love it. Which stamping plate do you want next? Let me know. And if you need a discount code for this one, let me know in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!

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