Faces Canada New Launch Haul Review & Swatch | Lip gloss | Foundation | Eyeliner Kajal

If you follow my blog you know, how much obsessed I am with the Faces Canada brand. Whether it is nail polishes or lipsticks, I buy them all from this brand. And review them here. So when they launched new products, I thought of trying them out and sharing them here with you.   

In today's blog, I have some of these products. I hope you will enjoy these reviews and swatches. Faces Canada is a very popular brand for makeup in India. From a wide range of budget buys to luxury buys, you can get them all with the brand. Let's begin with the review!

Faces Canada Beyond Shine Lip Gloss

Shade: Wingwoman 05
Cost: Rs. 425 for 3ml

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This gloss comes in 5 shades, but this one is my favorite of them all. It is sorta like a watermelon berry kinda shade. It also has small silver glitter particles in it, but not a lot. the gloss is sheer and super shiny. Reminds me of the glosses that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s. 

Smells a little sweet and fruity. It is non-sticky, to a certain extent, and very moisturizing. The brand has mentioned that it has Macadamia nut oil as well. It does make my lips soft and look fuller. You can also use it as a topper on your lipsticks for a luxuriously plump look. I think it will be perfect for the winter season!

What I don't like?

The quantity is a bit less, but otherwise, it is a nice lipgloss. It transfers and does not last long.


Pretty cute and compact. It will fit into your small vanity bag for a handbag. 

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Twist Eye Kajal Liner

Shade: Azure 05
Cost: Rs. 599

Faces Canada has a nice range of kajal and eyeliner, whether you want liquid or solid. In Ultime Pro Twist Eye Kajal Liner, they have 6 shades. I got Azure shade from this collection. Azure is a dark blue eyeliner with fine shimmer particles in it. The rest of the colors are also metallic. 

It has an auto feature so you twist it open and no need to carry a sharpener with you. the tip is also very thin so you can get a fine liner look with it. Moreover, the color is super pigmented and needs a single swipe only. It is long-lasting as well. 

Lasted for about all day on my eyelid and faded a little but did not smudge all over my eye. On the waterline, it lasts for 4-5 hours. For me, it is better than many kajal liners I have tried that gets smudged all over my eye, giving me Panda eyes.

What I don't like?

Well, there is nothing about it that I don't like. It is a perfect kajal liner. 


The packaging is a bit average. It has a sketch pen kinda feel to it that we used to get during school days. But for me as long as the liner works, it is good enough. 

Faces Canada All Day Hydra Matte Foundation

Shade: Rich Ivory 013
Cost: Rs. 549 for 25ml

There are only 10 shades in this foundation range. But most of them were for wheatish to fair skin. I did not see shades for darker skin tones. I have fair skin with yellow undertones, so Rich Ivory seemed like the shade for me. 

It has great coverage. And you need a small amount of product on your face. It will cover fine lines and give you a smoother look. Moreover, it is super lightweight and blendable. But when the product settles, it is super matte. I used it on a very humid monsoon day and the foundation stayed for hours on me. My skin was matte all day, with no oily patches. 

If you have dry skin, make sure to apply a little moisturizer before applying this foundation. Otherwise, you will not be able to blend it properly. It is perfect for someone with oily and combination skin. It says that it has SPF 30 in it, but do apply sunscreen underneath. 

For Oxidation, it did not oxidize on me, so I cannot comment on that. 

What I don't like?

The fragrance is a bit off-putting for me. Also, the quantity is a bit low. Might be too dry for dry skin.


The packaging is okay. It comes in a see-through tube so you know how much is left. And the small opening allows a small quantity to come out so you keep a check on that as well. It is easy to carry in your handbag. 

All products by Faces Canada are cruelty-free so this has been my go-to brand for every makeup need. They include natural extracts in the ingredients of makeup and skincare products. So, it is gentle on the skin. The few things that I don't like are the quantity of the product and the shade versatility, In their foundation range, they do not have shades for darker skin. And we do have a huge population of dusky and darker complexion. I hope they do include these shades in their range.

If you have any questions about these, do let me know in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!