Born Pretty Solid Gel Polish Review | How to apply solid gel polish?

Solid nail polishes are the new hype in the gel nail polish world. As cute as they seem, solid gel polishes can be quite messy to apply. I have been working with gel polishes for quite some time now and even I had trouble with it. After many trials and errors, I was finally able to make them work. And now I have about 7-8 of them and love them. Today I will review two of my favourite ones that I recently got from Born Pretty. Let us begin with the review!

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BORN PRETTY Solid Cream Gel ( ID: 54542)

Color: SC01 and SC04

The cost is $4.49 USD at 50% off 

There are 12 shades in this one. Each quartet or trio pack has three to 4 shades in them. So at the price of one gel polish, you are getting 3-4 of them. I got 2 of these shades. Let me show you each. 

Born Pretty Solid Cream Gel in shade SC04

In this one there are 4 shades, each is a sorta jelly-ish kinda colour. So, it adds a fine layer of shade to your nail. It took me 2-3 coats to get the shade, but it looks beautiful even in jelly sheer kinda form too. I am not a big fan of solid polishes, but it was easy to work with this one. 

Born Pretty Solid Cream Gel in shade SC01

SC01 is the glitter quartet. It has 4 beautiful chunky glitter shades. One has purple, gold and white glitter, the second has red and white glitters in a red-ish jelly base, the third one is white, gold and black chunky glitter in a clear base, and the fourth one is gold, orange white and silver glitters in sort of orangish jelly base. 

I did this nail art using purple, white and gold chunky glitter solid polish. With this one, you need some extra work and 2 coats of top coat. The glitter is chunky and needs work to lay flat. you can also try buffing it a little after curing it to flatten it. 

Which brush is best for applying solid gel polishes?

A flat even brush is the best one for solid gel polishes. Make sure to dampen the brush with a little gel top coat or gel base coat. It will help in getting an even layer with no streaks. The colour will also spread nicely on the nail. 

How to apply solid gel polish?

  1. Start by prepping your nail. Clean it well, apply cuticle oil, massage and push the cuticles. Once done, buff your nail. Now, wash your hands and dry them properly. 
  2. Follow it by applying the base coat. Cure it. Do not remove the residue. 
  3. Take a flat brush and dip it gently in a top coat or base coat, gel-based of course. Now scrape it off against a surface. The brush should be damp with a top or base coat, but not dripping or too much product. 
  4. Take a small quantity of solid polish, and apply it to the nail starting from the bottom. 
  5. Work your way in an upward motion with small strokes. The idea is to make it look even.
  6. When you achieve the right effect on your nail, cure it and apply a top coat.  
You will need a little practice with solid polishes, but they are worth trying. 

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments. For nail art tutorials using solid polishes, visit my youtube and Facebook channel. 

Lots of Love!!!


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