Born Pretty Haul Review & Swatches | New Nail Polishes | 9D Cat's Eye Nails

 Hello, my lovely ladies!

Trying new nail polishes is something we all love to do. And when these polishes are something different, it is all the better. So, I try to bring many new shades and polishes launched by popular brands. 

In today's review and swatch blog, I have my new haul from Born Pretty. This small haul has their new jelly polishes, 9D cat eye magnetic gel, Sea Blue magnetic gel, and solid gel polishes. I will also post a review of this on my Youtube, Video is at the end and also on my Youtube channel @Crazynailzz

Born Pretty Jelly Nude gel in shade BP IN03

Color: BP-JN03

The cost is $4.69 USD at 17% off
This range has 12 colors. All of them are nude shades with jelly effects. If you love elegant nails and nail art bases, this is perfect for it. I am wearing 2 coats of this shade. Curing takes about 120 seconds with 6 watt LED lamp. It looks glossy, but you must apply top coat on it. 

Born Pretty Sea Blue Cat Magnetic Gel Shade SB14

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Color: SB14

The cost is $4.99 USD at 17% off

Although the name says Sea Blue, it has a total of 14 shades including all kinds of colors. You will get blues, purples, pinks, nudes, Whites, and many other colors. Very easy to work with a magnetic wand and does not take a lot of time to cure. I am wearing 2 coats of this one here. There are Silverish shimmer particles in it that make the cat eye pattern. It is super elegant and has a jelly-kind base. 

Born Pretty Black Spar Series BP01

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Shade BP01

The cost is $5.99 USD 
I have many shades from the Black Spar series by Born Pretty. I love the versatility it offers in shades. This range has about 146 colors giving you every shade that you might want. This is the 01 from the shade card, a beautiful classic black color. So black that I had trouble getting it clicked. It is glossy and looks gorgeous. Super pigmented! 2 coats and 120 seconds of LED curing!

Born Pretty 9D Cat Magnetic gel shade CM05

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BORN PRETTY 9D Cat Magnetic Gel ( ID: 54697)

Color: CM05

The cost is $4.99 USD at 17% off

This is one of my favorite magnetic nail polishes. It has so many dimensions and depths that my nails look absolutely gorgeous. the only thing is that my camera is not doing justice to these at all. It has so many holographic shimmer particles in it, with a layer of violet-blue kinda shimmer, and another with silver shimmers. I am wearing it on a black base. There are 8 shades available in this one and each looks like fireworks in the sky!

Born Pretty Solid Cream gel Shade SC04

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BORN PRETTY Solid Cream Gel ( ID: 54542)

Color: SC04

The cost is $4.49 USD at 50% off 

There are 12 shades in this one. Each quartet or trio pack has three to 4 shades in them. So at the price of one gel polish, you are getting 3-4 of them. In this one there are 4 shades, each is a sorta jellu-ish kinda color. So, it adds a fine layer of shade to your nail. It took me 2-3 coats to get the shade, but it looks beautiful even in jelly sheer kinda form too. I am not a big fan of solid polishes, but it was easy to work with this one. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. I have many more Born pretty products on the way and will review each of them on my blog as well as on my Youtube channel. 

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!