What we can use to shine nail after regular nail paint?

Google has been prompting me with blog ideas lately related to nail polishes and nail art. All these questions are picked up from the queries people search. It can be about a technique or a brand or a simple question asking about what a product is. 

So, while going through this list of ideas, I saw that many people were searching for top coats. And to be frank, many don't even know what it is used for and its functions. In today's blog, I will try to answer all these,

  • What we can use to shine nails after regular nail paint?
  • Why do we apply a top coat on nail polish?
  • What is that transparent layer above nail polish after applying the nail polish?

I hope after reading this you will have your answers.

Why top coat is applied to the nail polish?

Nail artists and beauty bloggers often insist that you must apply a top coat on your nails after applying polish. It is also suggested that you use it after doing nail art to seal the design. The reason behind it is to increase the life of nail polish and nail art. If you will not apply topcoat, your polish will start chipping away in a couple of days. However, with a top coat on it, the shade can stay for more than 5 days. 

Similarly, when you apply nail art, the design will seem seamless. It will last longer, otherwise, the pattern will start fading in a couple of days. Applying a single layer of topcoat helps the design to look fresh and vivid with evenness. 

The colors pop up with a nice topcoat. And you can even create different looks using different kinds of topcoats. There are matte topcoats, glossy topcoats, glitter topcoats, and eggshell topcoats. You can use any of them for your nail polish and nail art.

Other uses of topcoat

Topcoat is not only used for making nail polish shine. You can use it in other ways as well. Use topcoats to stick glitter on your nail polish. This is the best way to make the polish look beautiful and a quick nail art look. Another way is to use a topcoat for placing rhinestones and embellishments on the nail. 

Using different kinds of topcoats, you can create unique looks with single nail polish. Similarly, you can use all these ideas for giving your nail art a new look. Apart from all this, a topcoat is also used as a basecoat to protect natural nails. 

You can also create a new nail polish using a topcoat and eyeshadow powder or any other pigment powder. Mix the powder in the clear topcoat and shake the bottle well. It is this simple to create new colors. 

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/491807221777346639/

Best topcoats in India

Here are some of the best topcoats available in India. You can use this for making your nails look beautiful. 

  • Jaquline USA matte and glossy top coat
  • Fyorr Top and Base Coat
  • Beromt topcoat
  • OPI topcoat
  • Debelle topcoat
You can buy them all here