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Do you remember the OOMYNAILS press on nails I shared a few months back? I have been getting so many compliments for those nails. They are still fabulous and have a beautiful shine to them. Did you know that you can use these nails for up to 6 months and maybe more. You can imagine my level of excitement when I got my hands on their latest collection of press-on nails and nail wraps. In this collection, they have added magic nails, press-on nails. In my today's review on Crazy Nailzz


Price varies with different types.

Here are the links to all the nails mentioned in this blog

  • Juicy Orange: https://oomynails.com/collections/magic-nails/products/color-changing-juicy-oranges $9.99
  • Luminous Lightning Purple: https://oomynails.com/collections/magic-nails/products/luminous-lightning-purple $9.99
  • Nail Strips or Wraps: https://oomynails.com/collections/nail-strips $5.99 - 9.99

Every Press-On Nail Kit contains


  • 24 Nails of different sizes
  • 48 Adhesive Tabs
  • Alcohol Prep pad
  • Mini Nail File
  • Manicure Stick
You can see the previous collection of OOMYNAILS Press-on nails here.

Color Changing Juicy Orange

A perfect set of juicy nails! These orange glittery color-changing nails are your perfect everyday set. They turn from dark orange to light peach shade instantly when exposed to heat. 

Each box contains 24 nails of different sizes. You can easily go through them and use them accordingly.

This color-changing effect is pretty amazing right!

Cat's Eye Nails

If you love magnetic nails, these are for you. They have this perfect glittery magnetic feel to them. And the shade is super sexy. If you need a sensuous touch to your nails for an evening look or club night, these are perfect.

Each box contains 24 nails of different sizes. You can easily go through them and use them accordingly.

Look at the glittery line of Cat's eye.

Luminous Lightning Purple

These are the glow-in-dark pastel purple nails. The finish is gel-like and looks pretty nice. The finish of the nail is also great. I like the shape of the nail and how elegant it looks until you go in the dark. I think it will be perfect for barbeque night or movie night.

Each box contains 24 nails of different sizes. You can easily go through them and use them accordingly.

This is how they look in the dark. Aren't they pretty cool?

Nail Strips or Nail Wraps

For people with long nails, and even the ones with short nails, nail wraps are the easiest way of getting design. they are super lightweight and will stick to the length of your nails. If you have the perfect size of nails, this nail wrap is for you. It has everything you need for easy application. There are a nail buffer, alcohol swipe, and instructions. the adhesive is also of good quality allowing you to get a lasting application. 

My Experience

I cannot emphasize enough the quality of these products is amazing. I have tried several fake nails, but the kind of quality they offer is unbeatable. If applied properly, you can hardly tell if they are fake.  And the price is also super affordable. You can get these nails for as low as 5 dollars up to 12 dollars which is still under Rs. 1000 in India. Also, you can use these nails repeatedly for up to 6 months. If you are careful enough while wearing them like avoiding washing and doing dishes, also touching hot surfaces, it can last longer. These are in the Must-buy nail product category for me! A complete winner!

Here is the video review of these magic nails by OOMYNAILS

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