OOMYNAILS Press On Nails Review | Ready To Wear Fake Nails For Weddings & Parties

Visiting the salon in this time of pandemic is not easy. Moreover, when you have a limited budget to get your nails done, it is kind of a no-no. So, instead of spending hundreds and thousands on getting your nails done, why not get a set of press-on nails. I recently got my first set, actually 4 sets of press-on nails from Oomynails and I am going gaga over them. Let me take you to the wonderful world of Press on nails in this review! Do not forget to watch the video tutorial and review of it at the end!


Price varies with different types.

Here are the links to all the nails mentioned in this blog

Every Press-On Nail Kit contains


  • 24 Nails of different sizes
  • 48 Adhesive Tabs
  • Alcohol Prep pad
  • Mini Nail File
  • Manicure Stick

What I love!

Since this is my first time using Press-on nails, I can tell you that they are super easy to wear. I simply followed the instructions mentioned at the back and saw a couple of tutorials to understand these more. I love how the brand has tried to make the application a quick and easy process. Anyone can do it with absolutely no knowledge of these nails. Moreover, how every kit contains products that you might need is a thoughtful touch. You will only have to arrange for alcohol swabs and adhesive tabs when you run out to them. Rest of the things including nails can be used several times, Make sure to avoid your hands coming in contact with acetone or water several times. As it can damage the finish of the nails. If you will take care of them, these can last for a couple of months or maybe more. At the price of 10-12 USD, I think they are worth it! Your average manicure costs more than that....

Sweet Night - Medium Oval Nails

If you need something for weddings and special occasions, these embellished nails are just perfect. These Rose gold shade nails with chrome finish have accent fingers with rhinestones and crystals. Medium-shaped oval nails with such intricate work will make you stand out.

Tango Passion Medium Almond Shaped Nails

If you need something sassy and sexy, this is the one for you. A classic combination of black and gold in negative space, these almond nails will make you feel like a diva. 

Blue Enchantress - Short Square Nails

These nails are perfect for short nails or anyone who likes short nails. They have Moon shaped embellishment on them, while few nails have an ombre effect with gold sparkles.

Apart from this, there was Forbidden Affair. They are Medium Oval Chrome Nails!

Here is a video tutorial on how to wear fake press-on nails and review!

I hope you loved it and will try these nails. They are of amazing quality and look beautiful. They can look amazing on any size or shape of nails, but it is better to place them on short nails. This helps in getting an even natural look. 

Make sure to keep your hands away from water for at least 2 hours. It ensures that the nails are fixed properly and will stay up to 5-8 days depending on how you wear them.

Lots of Love!!!