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Hello everyone!

I am back with another Store 2508 product and it is Stamping polishes for today!

I got my very first stamping polish from this brand in a stamping plate Kit. I have already shared the review of it with you guys, so go and check it out. the brand sent one white and one black polish in the kit. I loved them a lot as they were pigmented and easy to work with. 

Before these, the only polishes I have tried were by Konad and Born Pretty and they are quite expensive. So, when I saw that a combo pack is available by Store 2508 on Amazon having 9 stamping polishes, I got it! Watch the review till the end and do not miss the video tutorial, review, and swatches of these polishes. 

This entire combo pack contains 9 polishes and the cost is Rs. 999

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Every bottle has a shade number. After placing your order, share the shade number with the seller. They will send you the right ones. I have mentioned the detailed process of choosing the shade number in the Youtube Video. It is at the end of this blog so do watch!


Swatches of all the stamping polishes. You can see how pigmented these are. I will also share how they look on black after a while. 

Here is the video review and swatches of Store 2508 stamping polishes

I hope you loved this review. Do share your experience with the brand if you have tried these in the comments. Ask me anything you would like to know about these. Please do not forget to subscribe!

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