How To Get Relief in Back, Neck and Cervical Pain While Working From Home

As covid has changed our lifestyle significantly, working from home has become the new normal. I remember before covid I used to get only 2 work from home days in my office, but now all days are work from home since last year.  Although it is quite comfortable, sitting in your home, working at your convenience, there is something that makes it rather difficult. 

Back and Neck pain is one of the rising concerns among almost every person working from home. They have make-shift office rooms, where furniture or chairs are not ergonomic hence lack all kinds of back and neck support. If you are also suffering from back pain, neck pain, or cervical spondylitis pain, these tips are just for you!

Support your back

Instead of sitting with no support to the back, it is better to give it ergonomic support so that your back stays in shape. If you have space and budget, get an ergonomically designed chair and table, otherwise, it is best to invest in chair cushions with proper support. these can be placed on the sofa, on a chair, or on your wall while sitting to work. This will help in reducing the discomfort as well as pain. 

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Support your neck

If you have severe pain in your neck and you are not able to move it, give it support while working. You can use neck braces, heating pads, and even neck pillows used in traveling for this thing. Try to maintain your posture and keep your neck supported at all times to avoid a stiff neck. 

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Get Relief from Pain

If you need instant pain relief from back and neck pain, using sprays and massage balms can be useful. These are far better than eating tablets and pain killers. the heating effect will give long-term relief. Choose the right one according to your pain and use them once a day. 

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Keep hot water bottle to soothe the pain

Giving a hot compress to your neck and back can help in relieving pain. You can use a hot water bottle, heat patches, and other devices for doing this. It will not only reduce stiffness in your neck and back but will make you feel relaxed. Use Hot compress once a day for 30 minutes. 

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Keep your laptop at level 

Instead of keeping the laptop on your lap, or a cushion, using laptop tables are preferable. These can help in maintaining the posture while keeping your neck and back straight. there are several types of laptop tables available online on Amazon. You can buy the one available in your budget and requirement. 

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Take breaks

Instead of sitting and working for hours, take breaks. Move around, do something else in your house or meditate. This will reduce stress on your back and neck. Moreover, our knees and legs can also feel stiff from sitting for a long time in uncomfortable positions. So, moving around and taking small walks around the house can help. You can also do some simple stretching exercises. 

I hope this was helpful to you if you are worried about your neck and back. Make your work from home easy with these simple tips. 

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