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Covid 19 pandemic has made everyone quite conscious about their health and personal well-being. One cough and you start doubting yourself to have the infection. Moreover, visiting the doctors for the common cold and cough these days is not possible. During such a time, ayurvedic treatments and dadi ke nuskhe help a lot. I am sharing with you one such treatment that not only gives instant relief from a sore throat but cough, cold, and chest congestion too. Kofol by Charak pharma has a range of products that every household must-have. 

Who is Charak Pharma?

Charak pharma is a leading Ayurveda brand offering 100% natural products for various health issues. All their products pass through stringent quality checks and are exported to 35 countries across the globe. 

Kofol Gargle 

I don't like the flavor of gargle and avoid using one. But surprisingly, the Kofol gargle had a nice flavor to it and no bitter aftertaste. There are so many herbs like Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Pudina, Alum, Shunthi, and Bibhitaki in this gargle. It is 100% natural and safe to use for everyone. I use it with lukewarm water for giving a relaxing feel to my throat. It is quite soothing for itching or discomfort in the chest and throat. 

Cost: Rs. 126 for 100ml bottle

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Kofol Immunity Tablets

If you don't like to drink the kadha your dadi makes you drink, one tablet a day of Kofol immunity tablets is for you. It has all the ingredients our mothers and dadis add in kadha without that bitter taste. Being 100% natural, this is safe for the entire family, even kids and aged members. We have been taking it for quite some time. It is very helpful in keeping safe from season colds and viral infections. Some of the active ingredients in these tablets are Giloy / Guduchi, Haldi, Triphala Guggul, Shunthi, Manjishtha, Chitrak, Pippali, and Black pepper. 

Cost: Rs. 175 for 60 tablets

Kofol Chewable Tablets

These are sugar-free chewable tablets that give instant relief from cough, sore throat, and pain in the throat.  Key ingredients in this are camphor, mulethi, sonth or shunthi, Menthol or peppermint, laung oil, kankola, and kali miri or kali mirch. I would suggest that you take one tablet and keep it on your tongue allowing it to dissolve slowly. This helps a lot and gives better results than chewing it. 

Cost: Rs. 44 for 60 tablets

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Kofol Syrup

Kofol Syrup contains potent herbs like Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa, and more, which are anti-inflammatory in nature. They offer a cooling effect to effectively heal and soothe your throat and give relief from the pain caused by excessive coughing. The syrup works wonders on dry, mucosal, and normal cough. Just one small spoonful and you will feel instant relief. Also, there is no side effects like drowsiness like other cough syrups so it is quite safe for everyone.

Cost: Rs. 82 for100ml bottle

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My personal experience 

My favorite product is Kofol Chewable tablets. I love to eat frozen desserts and ice cream which often leads to a sore throat. these might seem small, but one tablet is enough to give instant relief from throat pain. Also, I love how they taste, are minty and soothing. Even the gargle gives instant relief if you have a bad case of cough or chest congestion. Twice a day with lukewarm water will help a lot in removing mucus. My entire family has included the immunity tablets in our everyday diet after consulting with a physician. They are 100% natural and contain ingredients like Giloy, Haldi, Pippali, and other ingredients we use in the kitchen. 

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