Shiva Cottage | A unique experience in Patnitop, Jammu | Review

Being a city girl, I have always stayed in hotels while traveling or holidaying. So when I got an opportunity to stay in a cottage and that too a wooden cottage, I had to take this opportunity. After Covid restrictions were lifted a little, we thought of heading out to a place of solitude and calming. Before you start judging me, my entire family is fully vaccinated and we wore masks while stepping out in public. 

For this little weekend getaway, Shiva Cottage was our stay for 3 days and 2 nights. This is located in Padora Enclave, Near Nag Temple, Village Karlah, Patnitop, Jammu. In today's blog, I will share everything about this stay. Also, there is a small video of this property at the end so make sure to watch it and subscribe to my channel.

Cost of the cottage

Rs. 9000 for 3 room cottage

Rs. 5000 for 2 room cottage

The single room starts at approx 3500

Extra beddings are provided if you need them.

Please call them to ask for the final price.

The dogs of Shiva Cottage

If you are a dog person, Bruzo and the rest of the adorable dog party will keep you entertained. He is a family-friendly dog so if you have kids with you, no need to worry. Just keep in mind that he loves to be scratched and cuddle while you sit. 

Lots of Flowers and Apple Trees!

The best part about this cottage stay is that it has lots of fruit trees and flowers. Lush green gardens, trees, and plants make it a very homely and pleasant stay. You will find beautiful green apple trees here with various types of flowers. 

Delicious Food!

The food! Omg... It was to die for over here. All our meals were from the kitchen in the cottage and they were simply amazing. From veg cheese sandwiches and alu parantha in the breakfast to the makhani daal and Paneer butter masala and Mushroom, masala is a must-try. 

If you ask for chai, get ginger one, it is so much tasty in the weather over there. Also, try mix veg soup and monchow soup if you are craving something hot and light. 

Price and quantity-wise, the food was very nice. Whoever is the chef there, Shiva cottage is lucky to have him. If you are going there over the weekend, place an order for your food a little earlier as the kitchen gets busy on weekends and it might take some time to serve. 

Cozy Vibes!

Since everyone was settled in the cottage as soon as we reached, I could only make a short video of the rooms inside. You can watch it at the bottom of the blog. The rooms in the cottage were not huge, but decent size. In the cottage we stayed in, there were 3 bedrooms, 2 small and one master bedroom. Apart from it, one washroom was on the ground floor and one on the top. Apart from the living room, there is a small hall on the first floor. The entire cottage is made of wood and has carpeting done all over. It is indeed a nice and unique experience, especially for me, a city girl who has never stayed in wooden cottages. Very cozy and rustic vibe. I suppose there are a few more cottages like this and a new luxury wing with single rooms as well. 

You have the option of dining in the garden, in your cottage, or even eat in the wooden restaurant building. If you have a large gathering, this space is pretty nice for that. There is a nice garden around it as well so if you like to have a picnic kinda experience, the staff can arrange that for you too over there. 

If you want to have a look at the rooms, cottage, and entire property of Shiva Cottage, here is a video of that.

Memories for Life!

It was indeed a nice experience. There were some issues with the room and washroom over there. However, the owners assured me that they will be having a renovation so that might take care of those things. Overall, it was a nice cozy vintage rustic kinda stay. If you are looking for a place away from home, getting a feel of something close to having a cottage in the forest, this is it for you. I will suggest that you go with your family and friends to get the most out of this place. It is best enjoyed with people. the food was nice, the service was nice and the people are very homely here. Apart from all this, the dogs of this cottage stole my heart. 

Next, I am planning to visit this place during winter to see the snowfall. Hopefully, it would be an amazing stay as well!

Lots of Love!!!