Neon Nail Art With Negative Space | Easy Nail Art Matte Nails Tutorial

Neon nail art designs are a must for summer and monsoon seasons. These bold and bright shades of manicures add a pop to your nails. Today I am sharing a super easy manicure that is a step ahead for beginners. If you know your way around nail art brushes and can draw a straight line, this negative space manicure is easy for you. As usual, the tutorial video is given at the bottom, so do watch it and try the nail art. 

I have done a matte finish on this. If you like glossy nail art designs, you can also apply a glossy top coat to them. But I personally feel that neons look best with a matte finish.

Products used here 

1. Neon Nail Polish: 

2. Nude Nail Polish: 

3. Nail glitter: 

4. Matte top Coat:​ 

5. Nail Art brushes:

Here is the nail art tutorial for this neon manicure,

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