iTokri Handmade Fabric Shopping Experience | Indian Ethnicwear Shopping Haul Review

During the festive season, wearing Indian ethnic wear is a must. No matter if it is Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, we love to adorn ourselves in colorful dresses. And when these Indian ethnic wear dresses are made from handwoven fabrics and Indian craftsmanship, it becomes all the more special. Recently I got an opportunity to buy a handmade dress material and a skirt from iTokri. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience with the brand and what I think about the products I got. If you love handmade outfits, you will love this too. 

Kota Doria Block Print Cotton 3peice suit material

Kota Doria is a blend of strong cotton and lustrous silk yarns, Kota Doria is an age-old Indian textile produced in the Kota district of Rajasthan. The Doria or the threads are finely interwoven to make the check patterns. Its lightweight and sheer texture giving an exquisite grace and elegance of its own.

Top-Shirt-Kurta : Length - 2.4 metres, Width - 112 centimetres | Bottom-Pants-Salwar : Length - 2.2 metres, Width - 88 centimetres | Dupatta : Length - 246 centimetres, Width - 112 centimetres.

Cost Rs. 1250

Batik Print Running Stitch Pure Cotton Long Skirt

Fine quality hand batik print cotton long skirts designed with contemporary running stitch patterns. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. The traditional designs and motifs in Indian batik are often passed down from one generation to another. Super lightweight.


Length - 103 centimeters, Waist - free size (adjustable tie-up closure, suitable for up to XL waist size).
Total bottom roundabout (gher) : 196 centimetres.

Cost Rs. 790

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My Experience 

This is my first experience with handmade fabric and truly a delightful one. Salwar kameez dress material had enough fabric for a nice outfit. The kurta and dupatta materials are the same, while the salwar material is made of cotton. Kurta has a sheer fabric with a gold block print on it. You will have to get an inner with it or ask your tailor to use astar with the kurta. Salwar fabric does not need any. 

It is super lightweight and feels luxurious. I am not sure about the color bleed about kurta and dupatta fabric, but salwar fabric does seem like it will have a little color bleed. We experience that with every cotton fabric mostly.  

About the skirt, it has a batik print all over with running hand-stitching at the lower hemline creating a nice border. It is available in one size, but with a tie-up closure, I think it will suit everyone. I loved that the ghera of the skirt is 6 feet, giving it a nice flowing feel. 

The tie-up closure has a hook and sewn-in space for tucking it. It will indeed give a clean look to your skirt and no peeping will be there. I will share about the color bleed after washing it once. It is ready to wear by the way!

What I loved most apart from the fabric is the packaging. They packed it in a handmade box made with recycled paper and wrapped it in old newspapers. Even the products inside were wrapped neatly in old newspapers. It was a nice environment-friendly packaging. the outer layer had a seal made of wax and had the iTokri symbol on it. If you are looking for a unique gifting experience, I think this can be. 

They also added a little handwritten note on handmade paper and a small gift (handmade earrings). This was a nice gesture.

Should You Buy From Here?

iTokri has a nice collection of different handmade fabrics, dress materials, skirts, masks, bags, jewelry, house decor items, and much more. It is worth exploring the collection over there. They source their products from the craftsmen directly and also mention the source of the fabric and product. Also, I feel that the products are decently priced. 

You can anything starting Rs. 100 to 10000 may be over here. There is a nice collection of luxurious Banarasi silk and chikan embroidery material over here as well. If you need something urgently, I think they can deliver it fast too. I received the products in about 2 days of shipping. I think they can manage to ship around India in 3-5 days. 

Here is a video review of both products. Watch it!

If you have any other questions about this brand and any details about products, you can ask me in the comments. 

Lots of Love!!!