How to remove body hair at home without any pain?

When you are in lockdown, taking that monthly visit to parlor wali didi or salon is not possible for hair removal. And removing body hair, whether it is underarms, legs, or arms, can be super painful. Especially for someone who is trying to get smooth skin at home, it is not easy. If you are also trying to figure out how to remove your body hair without any pain, this blog is just for you. I have curated some of my personal ways of removing body hair at home without any pain. Now you can also get salon-like legs, arms, and underarms without going to the salon or parlor. 

Waxing strips - Use them right!

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One of my favorite mess-free and painless way to remove hair is ready-to-use waxing strips. Among all, Veet is indeed my preferred choice. I also tried Hip hop once but it was a total failure for me. I usually use these for waxing my legs, around the bikini line,s, and even my face. Yes, you will judge me for using it on my face, but it somehow works for me well. Once a month, perfect finish! But I am still not able to do my arms and underarms with it. 

One tip: Exfoliate your skin with a dry brush or rub loofah nicely while taking bath. It helps in getting a smoother finish. If you run out of oil strips that come along, use baby oil or olive oil. It works wonders!

Use a razor

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It is time to bust the myth about the razors. I use it every week for my underarms and hands coz waxing hands is not easy for me. And trust me that I have not experienced thick growth or thickness of hair follicles. The hair on my hands is super fine and they grow at their usual speed even after using the razor. It also helps in removing the dead skin layer from my skin and exfoliating it properly. I use my shower gel or sometimes coconut oil or aloe vera gel for getting a smooth finish. You can use any according to your convenience.


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If you are not comfortable using a razor and feel scared of waxing, epilators are for you. These are super painless equipment that will effortlessly remove your body hair giving you smooth skin. You can easily use it on your bikini area, underarms, hands, legs, and even on your stomach. 

For Face

Face razor

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This face razor is designed to give you a close shave quite literally. It not only removes peach fuzz and trims down your eyebrows as well as upper lips, but it also removes a dead skin layer. It is perfect for dermaplaning. It is indeed the painless way to remove hair but I will advise you to practice first and keep your hand steady while using it. 

Depilatory razor

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This new age of facial hair remover is quite useful. It is easy to use and can be carried anywhere you like. But I don't understand why I would like to carry it in my bag all the time. Nevertheless, you can always use this for removing that peach fuzz from your face as well as that unwanted growth on upper lips, eyebrows, and that one nasty hair on the chin. No pain involved here too!

So, these were some of my favorite ways to remove body hair at home without any pain, tried and tested of course! Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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