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 I wanted a fake hand for nail art practices on actual nails. But almost all the options available online were super expensive and in India, it is not easy to get good nail art products at feasible prices. So, I turned towards one store on amazon that provides nail art products at a decent price. Not very high quality, but for the price you pay these products were pretty good. And they had this nail art practice hand, priced at lowest in India. 

Nail art practice fake hand or mannequin hand is quite common among nail artists. It helps them to work on nail shaping, do brush works, create nail art looks, and even flaunt their best works on the table. So, here today I am sharing my experience with this fake hand and how to put nails on it!

Cost of this fake hand
Rs. 799

In combo pack with swatch nail sticks: Rs. 999

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My views on this fake practice hand

Let me be true with you all, I was not very happy when I got this hand as I was not able to figure out how to put nails on the hand. And without this, it was a totally useless thing for me. So, I kept it aside until I was able to figure it out, Moreover, all the videos that I saw had pretty flexible hands and it was not that flexible. So, first of all, I taught myself how to add nails and it turned out pretty easy. It was not at all difficult as I was thinking. Moreover, you also learn how to shape fake nails. 

Then, seeing some video tutorials and some hits and trials, I was finally able to work it out and it is my favorite tool now. Yes, it is not very flexible, but it works fine. For the price I paid, it is pretty decent actually.

Here is the video tutorial and review 

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