TS Color Police Nail Enamel | Review & Swatches | Part 2

TS Color Police is one of my favorite brands of nail polish in the budget range. It has a huge collection of shades that any girl might need in her day to day life, including glitters, nudes, mattes, and vibrant shades. And the best thing about them is that they are of great quality. If you are thinking that I am praising these nail polishes too much, trust me they are worth every bit of it. I have been using them for quite some time now and this is my second batch of polishes with a few that I have repeated. Check out Part one of TS Color Police Nail Enamel Review, and this one too!

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According to the Brand

TS Color Police range of nail lacquers is indeed a badge of glamour, authenticity, popularity, playfulness, and cool. These long-wear nail paints in vivid colors and different formulations give you luxuriously looking perfect nails perfect for daily and occasional wear. Find the perfect shade & formula to suit every occasion with TS Color Police nail enamels!

  • Long-wear nail polishes for vibrant, even color
  • Rich and concentrated pigmentation
  • Longer shelf life with quick drying time


Rs. 75-85 for 9ml 

The cost varies with the online store you are buying it from and few shades as well. 


Here are the 10 shades that I got and 4-5 out of them are repeat purchases. You can also see them in my first part of the TS Color Police Nail Enamel review. 

Marshmellow, Magic Potion, Rose Quartz, Soulful, Breeze Miami

Misty Olive, Fresh Water, Sweet Ocean, Blue Lagoon, Twilight

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Breeze Miami

Breeze Miami is a delicious looking orange color that reminds me of orange slurpies or candy. It is vibrant and has cool undertones. You will need 2 coats for a smooth finish. Does not need a top coat and lasts for 3-4 days without chipping.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Blue Lagoon

A shiny elegant dark teal color, Blue Lagoon looks fabulous on nails. It has decent pigmentation and needs about 2 coats for a perfectly smooth look. The applicator is great and gives a perfect finish. It doesn't need any topcoat and lasts for 3-4 days without chipping.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Twilight

If there is any other color that I love apart from black, this is the one. It is a dark grey color with a slight warmth to it, exactly like the sky before sunrise's dark nightshade. Very pigmented, only need 2 coats of it. The good applicator gives a smooth finish and proper coverage. Lasts for 4-5 days with a gorgeous shine on it. 

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Rose Quartz

One of my favorite pastel shades, this is a light peachish shade that looks elegant on nails. You can get a good color pigmentation and smooth finish in just about 2 coats. This does not require any topcoat and lasts for about 4 days without chipping. 

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Soulful

I wanted to try this sade for quite some time. It is a nice subtle berry-like purple shade. Not very loud which makes it good for everyday wear. It is also a bit sheer so you will need 2-3 coats for proper pigmentation. But don't worry, it dries down very quickly. 

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Fresh Water

It is a cute aqua blue, turquoise shade. You will need just 2 coats for a nice pigmented color turn out. The applicator brush is good and picks up polish properly. The formula dries down very quickly and lasts for days on nails.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Misty Olive

It is an adorable fresh limey green color with warm undertones. It reminds me of avocados and guacamole. You will need 2 coats for perfect finished pigmented nails. Like other green nail polishes, this also tends to make your nails yellow so I will advise you to apply a base coat. Dries down quickly and lasts long.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Magic Potion

It is a gorgeous classy beige brown shade. I love how it turned out on my nails. Perfect for everyday wear and for offices. You will need 2 coats for a proper pigmented finishing. It dries down very quickly and lasts for at least 4-5 days.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel - Sweet Ocean

This is a very cool icy blue shade with subtle tones. It looks so gorgeous on my hands. I love it. You will need about 2 coats to get a good color. The applicator brush is also good. Nail polish dries down quickly to a nice glossy finish. I love how evenly it spreads and is easy to use.

This is indeed a great brand for trying out various nail polish shades without spending a lot. They are now coming up with new options in the Matte range so you can explore them and I will also try them and share their reviews with you!

Here is my Youtube Review for TS Color Police Nail Enamel


I hope you loved the review. What were your favorite nail polish brands in the budget range? Tell me about them in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!