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 In the nail polish world, there are a few brands that can surprise you like anything. Without charging you a lot, these brands promise to give amazing quality and lasting and they work to deliver that as well. First of all, this is not a paid review! I purchased all these nail polishes from my hard-earned money from a local cosmetics store. At first, when I saw this brand I got just one polish, Gold Sparkle. After trying it, I loved the quality so much that it compelled me to buy more than 20 polishes from the brand. I will be reviewing them here soon. Until then, enjoy this!

About Brand

A budget brand by JK Lifestyle, the same company that makes Juice nail polishes. If you are a college-going girl or someone who loves to try new nail polishes and do not want to spend a lot, you must have got Juice nail polishes from your local cosmetics store. Nugel is there one step ahead for nail polish quality, giving you non-UV gel nail polishes in amazing colors and finishes. Chrome nail polishes, regular glossy nail polishes, Metallics, Mattes, and glitter ones, the brand has a wide range. And all this at a fraction of the price!


Rs. 99 for Hyper Gloss Range and Rs. 120 for Chrome Range
Every range has a different price with the brand and some local stores give a discount on the MRP. I buy them for Rs. 70 each from my local store, no matter which collection. 

Left to Right: Dark Gold, Gold Sparkle, Metal Brown, Famous Maroon, Liquid Silver, Gold Medal, Iron Rust

Shades I Got

  • Gold Sparkle
  • Metal Brown
  • Liquid Silver
  • Gold Medal
  • Iron Rust
  • Famous Maroon
  • Dark Gold

Left to Right: Shade Number for Dark Gold, Gold Sparkle, Metal Brown, Famous Maroon, Liquid Silver, Gold Medal, Iron Rust

Famous Maroon

This one is from the Hypergloss range and it has a lovely metallic finish. A lovely maroon red shade. With two coats, you can get a gel-like appearance on your nails. The nail polish looks shiny and amazing on the nails. The glitter particles shine beautifully under the sun. It lasts for 4-5 days without any topcoat. 

Iron Rust

A gorgeous copperish orange shade. This is one is from their Chrome range and has a metallic finish. You will need 2-3 coats for a smooth look and the nail polish stays for 3-4 days without a topcoat. 

Gold Medal

From the chrome range, this is a smooth silky gold nail polish with very fine shimmer particles. It is more silky than metallic. Under the sun the particles shine beautifully. you will need 2-3 coats for a smooth finish and it stays on for about 3-4 days. 

Metal Brown

The name says brown, but it is more like a metallic grey shade almost like lighter shades of cola. This is from the Chrome range and has a gorgeous metallic finish. It needs just 2 coats and looks fabulous on the nails.

Liquid Silver

Almost like a mirror polish, this silver has become my favorite one. It looks beautiful and has a lovely finish, It stays for about 4-5 days and needs 2-3 coats for that lovely smooth look.

Dark Gold

Another smooth silky gold shade, but slightly darker and yellow. It is slightly runny in consistency and different from the rest of the polishes from the Chrome collection. You will need 3 coats at least for a good look and stays for about 3-4 days on the nails. 

Gold Sparkle

This is the first bottle of polish I got from this brand and now I am on my second bottle. It is so good I use it in almost every nail art. It is also perfect for stamping if you are looking for nail polishes for stamping but do not wish to pay a lot. Gold Sparkle is a lovely light golden sparkly shade with beautiful glitter particles. It is more glittery than metallic. shines beautifully and looks gorgeous! You will need about 2 coats of this and it lasts for 3-4 days. 


  • Lasting is very good
  • Smooth shiny finish
  • Metallic look with an almost gel-like finish
  • Quantity is great
  • Cost is very low
  • The applicator is the best thing in this. Perfect round bristles for an even finish. 


  • Some polishes need more than 2 coats 

These are worth every penny! You must try it!

Here is a video review of the same collection on my Youtube Channel

Lots of Love!!!