The Essential: Winter Hat Fashion Looks for Women

From eccentrically printed beanies to velvet floppy hats, fur berets & felt cloches, bundle up in style with this essential topper! My personal favorite is the beanie as it is super cozy and keeps me warm while looking super cute. So, to help you in finding out the best winter hat look for this winter season, I have curated some of the trending options from Runway 20/21. I hope you will love them!


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Simple, casual, warm, practical, and not to mention easy to produce – it’s not too surprising that beanies were the most major winter 2020 hats. After all, this season wasn’t particularly extravagant or fancy, at least not when compared to the seasons before.

Warm and Fuzzy

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Fuzzy materials are a great way of staying warm while following the winter 2020-2021 hat trends.

Wide-Brim Menswear-Inspired Fedora Hats

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Felt or fabric wide-brim hats have become extremely popular in street style in the last few years, but it took a bit of time for the high-fashion labels to catch up. For the fall 2020 headwear trends, you can choose from bowler or fedora-style crowns with brims that are wide but not sunhat-level massive.

Winter Buckets

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Bucket hats are continuing their upward trajectory with the fall/ winter 2020-2021 hat trends. This was one of the most ubiquitous hat styles on the runways this season!

Bandanas and Headscarves

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Bandanas and headscarves present a great way of keeping the head covered securely, and depending on how you wrap or tie them on, they can have a totally different impact on your look. Modest headscarf-wrapping techniques also show that the high-fashion world is considering the diversity of their clients as well as their religious fashion needs.

Newsboys & Berets

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Berets feel classy in a slightly pretentious and almost ridiculous (but still fashion) type of way, but most newsboys, which are similar, are very much reminiscent of the early-2000s, so they’re another sign that this decade is coming back soon. Berets with a veil is also an interesting look!

Baseball Caps

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A baseball cap is a timeless accessory with a masculine touch. It’s not the kind of item that immediately jumps to mind when one thinks of Fashion Week, but perhaps that’s why it’s always intriguing to see these caps on the runways. 

Oversized Hats

Some designers presented extra-large iterations of the fall/ winter 2020-2021 hat trends for those fashionistas that have a serious eccentric side.

Some Looks from the Street

So what is your winter hat fashion?

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