Simple Tips to Apply Chrome, Holo & Mermaid Nail Powders

Do you love nail art powders? They seem so easy to use for creating a smooth look on the nail. Just add a nail art vinyl or a stencil and you can create so many patterns with these powders in just a single swipe, (well not literally).

For those who don't know the difference between these three popular nail art powders,

Chrome gives you the smooth metallic finish. The most popular color is silver due to it's mirror finish while it is also available in other metallic colors like Gold, Copper, Rose Gold, Pink and so on. You can apply it using an eye shadow brush, cotton bud or your finger tips.

Holo, as the name suggests gives you the holographic finish instead of a simple metallic finish. You can get the rainbow look which changes with the light falling on your nail. If you love holographic nail polishes and top coats, but are unable to find the one that can give ultimate coverage, this powder is perfect for you. The method of application is pretty much the same as chrome nail art powder.

Mermaid nail art powder is mostly applied on light colored nail polishes, unlike chrome and holo which are done on black and dark ones for perfect look. Mermaid powder is light in color, sort of whitish with a little mermaid like holographic look, elegant but not too powerful.

Now you know the difference between the three, let's get started with the tutorial!

Do tell me in the comment section below, which one is your favorite and which brand of nail art powder are you using these days.

Lots of Love!!!