Post Typhoid Skin Care: Rejuvenate Your Skin

I am recovering from typhoid and it is certainly most difficult time for me. You see, I love food especially the street food, but due to my illness and stern looks from my doctor, I have to keep myself away from all that. This disease is mostly caused by contaminated food ( it does not matter if you eat on street or niche restaurant, it can spread easily if proper hygiene is not taken while preparing the food).

Don't worry, I will not go in the deepest details of disease and how it is caused including symptoms and all. Today, I want to share my biggest concern that came with this disease, skin!

Since you cannot eat and drink properly during this time, the disease tends to take toll on your skin along with internal organs.


I developed rashes due to which the doctor specifically asked me not to use any soap, body wash or cream that might aggravate the rashes leaving spots on my skin. I  was only allowed to use water to clean my skin, which is not enough. 


Typhoid makes your body dehydrated severely. I have been drinking 3-4 liters of water in a day, but even after that I feel parched all the time. It rips your skin off its natural moisture and elasticity. I lost a significant number of kilos (4KG to be precise) and I feel my skin around thighs and hands have developed wrinkles. For those who don't know, I am in my mid twenties so wrinkles is a major concern for me.

Tips To Rejuvenate Skin

Now, that I am recovering, it is time to focus on my skin and try to bring it back from the dead...

Here are few tips that I am following to rejuvenate my skin, hope these helps you too!

Drink hell lot of water

Yeah yeah, I know everybody says this every single time, but drinking water works like a charm. It is the only way to keep your body hydrated deep within the cells. The more you drink the better. Make sure to drink clean bottled or boiled water.

Eat fresh fruits

Fruits are the natural source of all the nutrients one needs to survive. Instead of drinking packaged or bottled juices, go with fresh fruits. You need to include fruits which are easy to digest, high in nutrients like iron and protein. Since it is summer time, I have included all kinds of melons and juicy fruits which are mostly seasonal. You can also add a lot of cucumber and vegetables which can be eaten as salad without dressing.

Drink Coconut water

Not the bottled version but the fresh one straight from the coconut. You can find these in your nearest farmer's market or grocery shops. Coconut water is the powerhouse of nutrients and just one or two glasses a day are enough to help you in replenishing nutrients and stay hydrated.

Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are only going to make you feel dehydrated which is not something you want right now. They are full of sugar and nil in nutrients which is not good for your body as well as skin right now.

Apply Aloe Vera gel

You can grow an Aloe Vera plant at home, (I have 3). Cut a small portion of leaf, scoop the gel with spoon or spatula and apply it directly on your skin after cleaning it with water. It will help in soothing the rashes as well as make your skin feel soft and hydrated. You can do it once a day anytime or use it as a night mask.

Apart from all these tips, I will advise you not to use any harsh chemicals or cosmetics during this time. I hope all these tips will help you to regain the suppleness of your skin.

Lots of Love!!!