Fabulous Nail Art Designs Made with Household Items: Tutorial

Doing nail art is fascinating. Trying new designs, adding colorful definition, bringing out the best on those little canvases is nothing less than an artwork. However, not all of us can invest in those nail art tools or have to use the cheaper versions available in the local market or online shops. 

If you wish to draw some fabulous nail art on your nails, today's tutorial will blow you away. Using simple things lying around in the house as nail art tools for making really cute nail art designs, what be better than this?

Let's get started!

You will need all these things for doing the nail art designs show in the tutorial.

♡ Nail Polish ♡
✦ Base Coat, Alpine Snow: OPI ✦ Water Melon, Festival, Cyan, Cherish, Honey Dew, Sea Jewel, Bardot, Sorbet, Calm, Sizzle, Gloss On Top!: Picture Polish ✦ Mint, Navy Blue, Lavender, Sheer White, Yellow Nail Polish: Minnie's DIY polish ✦ Neon Orange: Beyond the Nail ♡ Acrylic Paint ♡
Black Acrylic Paint: Jo Sonja's or Chromacryl ♡ Other Tools ♡
✦ Sticky Tape ✦ Bath Puff ✦ Makeup Sponge ✦ Toothpicks ✦ Plastic Wrap ✦ Craft Scissors ✦ Sandwich Bag ✦ Craft Puncher ✦ Pencil ✦ Cotton Tips

If you want to make your own nail art tools, Click on these below:

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Here is the tutorial!

Hope you will love these nail art ideas done using household items!

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Lots of Love!!!