Easy Christmas nail art for kids

Festive season is on and you are busy busy with decorations, guests and kids running all around you. Christmas time can be crazy especially if you have little ones running in the house. How to keep them occupied and indulged into the spirit?

Nail art is the best option. If your kid love to create art or drawing, ask them to draw something on their nails. Otherwise you can also offer to do it for them. Christmas nail art is a good way to letting them feel the holiday spirit and also to get some compliments from other kids in the Christmas parties or school Christmas events.

Try these pretty yet easy nail art ideas for Kids for Christmas. If you have really small nails, you can try these too!!

Ain't that cute?

Ornaments!! Have you decorated your tree yet?

Simple yet Christmassy!

Snowman, Rudolph, Candy cane, Christmas tree and lights, what else you need?

What you got for Christmas?

Guess the name of all these Reindeers in Santa's Fleet!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Put on the Christmas Cap!

Sparkling Santa!

Red and White!!

A happy Santa, A happy reindeer! Is it Rudolph?

Every little thing about Christmas!

Wrap up all the gifts for the boxing day!

Look, its snowing!!

Let Santa tighten his belt!

Everyone's favorite, Minions!! It is very good christmas in minion style!! Bananaaaaaaaa

Elves are ready to work!

Let the christmas lights shine!!

Hope you liked them all and enjoyed!

Lots of love!!!