Chic Bridal Nail art styles Trending this wedding season!

When it comes to bridal manicures, there are many nail trends to choose from. Whether you want your nails to look classic, sweet, glamorous, or bold, there is a ton of inspiration out there for every bride’s style. In the hopes of steering you towards your personal bridal nail design, here are some trends we absolutely love. Get ready to be delightfully inspired!


Credits (from top left): Sydney Micheals on Pinterest / Style Motivation / Yujinlub Blog / Swellmayde

Lovely Mint

Credits (from top left): Paulina’s Passions / Beauty High / pshiiit / Meow13 on Weibo


Credits (from top left): Obaz / Madeline Poole / Trophy Wife Nail Art / Ciate


Credits (from top left): pshiiit / small-good-things / littlebeautybagcta on blogspot / truebluemeandyou-tumblr

Golden Sparkles

Credits (from top left): Lauren Conrad / Nicole Stoner / Masami Yoshihara / Jennifer Cor

Lots of Love!!!