20 Easy Nail Art Hacks You Can Do On Yourself!

I rarely ever make designs on my nails because I have no idea how to nor do I even know where to start! Everything looks so complicated and like a recipe for disaster for such a clumsy person like myself. However, after compiling this list, it's surprising how easy these nail art hacks are! They're so easy that you'll probably end up doing your nail art at home all the time. Check out how easy these nail art hacks are:

1. Use a gel pen to draw nail designs

2. Use a dot grid to paint straight lines

3. Use thin nail tape to create designs

4. Go from blah to glam and glittery!

5. Make your nails look like a turquoise stone using a plastic wrapper
6. Remove glitter nail polish – The foil method

7. Turn every nail polish into matte

8. Nail polish remover jar DIY

9. Quick marble nails with plastic wrap

10. Moisturising nail polish remover DIY - Acetone glycerine remover

11. Get easy velvet nails

12. Easy nail art tattoo for decal look

13. Fix a broken nail with a teabag

14. Use lace for nail art design

15. Use loose glitter with a makeup brush for glitter ombre effect

16. Easy water marble nail art done with stamper

17. Use Elmer's glue or craft glue in place of expensive nail polish barrier

18. Use sharpie for creating unique nail designs. Just remember to seal it with a top coat!

19. Use round marker stickers for these futuristic nails if you can't draw a circle

20. Use a straw for this colourful splitter splatter nail art

Lots of Love!!!