Fan nail art on Crazy Nailzz's FB page

On Crazy Nailzz FB page there are so many wonderful fans. They love my nail art, appreciate it, comment on it and share it with their friends and family. Nail art is not just a hobby for me but a way to reach out to all these people, touching their life in one way or the other. When they recognize me, share my art or the ones share on my page on their FB or instagram, it feels amazing. 

I have few wonderful people on my page who love to share their nail art. I thought of sharing these few nail art on my blog page, I hope you will love it. I'm also mentioning their name here for credits!

Nail art by Suhana Sethi. 
Love is in the air. Try this Lovey Dovey nail art with love written all over the nails. Very easy to try, even if you have a bad handwriting.

Nail art shared by Mario Dinkic
Fall is here and it is time to celebrate this sweet season with this gorgeous fall nail art. I'm not a big fan of brown nail art but this one is surely amazing with that stamping art, gradient effect and accent nails.

Nail art by Parthvi Tiwari
Go tribal with these nails. It requires a bit of work, but the result is amazing. 

Nail art shared by Sweeti Batra
This one has so many nail arts. wonderful collage of nails and pretty colors. Try them all and show us now!

Nail art shared by Aahna.
Wonder woman is among all of us. Let her bang on the nails with this artistic nail art. A little bang here and a little pow there!

You can check out more at Fan Nail Art on Crazy Nailzz Facebook Page. If you want to have your nails here, share them on Facebook page, Twitter page or Instagram by tagging us in your work now.

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Lots of Love!!!