Amazing nail art trends trending in Fall 2015

I wrote this post for a friend's blog. Thought of sharing it with you guys! Check out these gorgeous Fall inspired nails!

With early morning chills in the air, bearable weather and falling leaves, fall is waiting right on the corner. Gatekeeper of the winters, fall does not last for very long but it does influences the way we dress, and look. Welcome the lovely autumn season with unadulterated love in your own way. I’m doing it with sexy looking nails adorning them with nail art.

Fall nail art trends are crazy this time of the year with some of the most simplistic looking nails, gorgeous detailing and fashion added to them in every atom of their being. Some of the brands like Colorbar have also come up with browns and buffs in their Pro Mini Nail polish kits adding every color of coffee in the collection. Although inspired by coffee, but browns and buffs in the collection are the colors one look in autumn.
Some crazy nail art and nails that I compiled for you are,

Dark mystical wine nails

Dark Wine Nails

Wine is seductive, sexy and intimidating. Imagine it on your nails. You can try dark berry shades as well for mystical dark beauty look for your nails.

Dew drops on your nails

dew drops on nails

When you love to see dew drops on the leaves and grasses early morning, why not have them on your nails.
Geometrical shapes!

Nails in square shapes or any geometrical shape nail art on them, anything will do!
Paint splatter!
splatter nails

Who says autumns can’t have colors? Go crazy with all your nail paints, splatter them on nails and create your own version of splatter nail art!
Browns and caramels on the nail!

When leaves are turning brown, it is time for you to show some love for the Mother Nature with earthy brown and caramel colored nail paints. Try out all the shades of browns and nudes you can find. It is the season for them.
Nude nail art!

nude nail art

Nude nail art or buff nail art are in trend throughout the year, why keep them away in autumn? Try this gorgeous nude nail art with stamping and studs on the accent nail.
Negative mani nail art!
Negative space or negative mani have been in trend since early spring this year with nude nails. Here are some for you!

Nail art is becoming a big thing in fashion weeks these days. Any new collection is just incomplete without gorgeous manicures and nail arts. A sneak peek for you!

And this one is my favorite, nail art jewelry!

When it comes to nail art, being crazy is the trend you need to follow. Stay updated with nail art trends and try them all. There are 365 days in the year, and 20 nails and so many nail arts to try, start now!

Lots of Love!!!