A nail polish addicts guide to packing for a long trip

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how to pack nail polishAs you may already guessed this guide is about how to pack nail polish! This is a crucial guide for nail polish addicts who would rather leave a pair of shoes behind than part with some of our favorite polishes.
This guide will be particularly handy if you’re going on a long trip like our SoNailicious Tour. Withdrawals from a favorite polish could become so painful that the joy would be sucked out of the cultural experiences, cocktails and new places. It’s not always easy to buy new nail polishes in a new country, especially if you don’t speak the language.
So instead of grieving over the precious bottles of glitter left behind, let’s see how we can bring as many polishes and nail art supplies as we like. Safe, compact and convenient – here’s our tried & loved method used during our recent trip:
how to pack nail polish for travelling
Note, when you’re at your Step 1 it’s better to place polishes lid to lid and as tight to each other as possible to avoid them hitting against each other.
* This is exactly how we packed all our polishes for SoNailicious Tour. In total, 25 polishes and 5 nail care products traveled with us (and, we brought back over 100 polishes). They undertook 10 international flights, 8 trains and 6 boat rides – they all survived, came back home in one piece and lived happily ever after.
Extra Tip #1: Leave polish remover at home. It’ll save some space and weight in your bag. Nail polish removers tend to leak through the lid because of the changing cabin pressure in a plane. Plus, it’s something that you can easily buy in any country (in pharmacies).
Extra Tip #2: Go for mini versions (like this or this) of your favorite shades and/or products. Also, look at getting 2-in-1 products, for instance Orly Top 2 Bottom is a great one.It will make your nail polish bag significantly lighter and save some space.
What about you, nailicious friends? How many polishes do you usually take travelling with you? Do you have any tips on how to pack nail polish? Share with us, we’d love to know!
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