Show your minion love with Minion Nail art

Minions are back and they are soooo adorable like ever before. since the Despicable Me was released, i was in unconditional love with these charming little yellow buddies. They are cute, sweet and makes you feel like hugging them and cuddle them, smothering them with your kisses and bananas. 

I, who love nail art as much as minions had to write this blog compiling all my favrotie minion nail arts and a lot more, wherever minions were spreading their cuteness. 

Check out some of the nail arts!

They and their banana love!!

Minions with a bow!

Minions and glitters! Perfect combo!

Some more banana!

Who can forget these little devils

and a little more banana!

Minions on toe nails!

Minions on eyes!

Minions using their cuteness to spread awareness for Breast Cancer!

Minions on sneakers!

Check out this DIY nail art for drawing your own minions!

You can have a look at this easy breezy Minion tutorial as well!

Girls, did you checked out Sandra Bullock's Minion outfit and heels she wore while promoting the movie!

She had done a great job in the movie which I still haven't seen but have heard so much about. 
I just love her dress, the flow and the flare it has with that little yellow stripe on top of her one shoulder. And those shoes, Ahhh I so want them!!

Try out all these nail art and if you get a pair like this, do tell me!!
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Lots of Love!!!


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