6 Ways to wear a scarf as top

Whether we wear it or not, we all have a couple of scarves or stoles lying around in the nook and corners of our wardrobe. I have never touched or even tried one on myself or thought about wearing, but i got around 6 in my wardrobe. 

Blame the shopaholic in me!

So how about wearing your scarves in a creative way, as a top!

When i saw tutorials on youtube, even i was surprised, but hey they are pretty good tricks.

I have short listed 6 of them for you over here, which were really amazing. you can see the steps in the pic so get started with the old rug!

STYLE 1: Halter neck top

STYLE 2: Backless Halter neck top

STYLE 3: Bandeau Top/ Bikini top

STYLE 4: Top Drape/ Halter neck Crop Top

STYLE 5: Squared Top/ Sleek Office Top

STYLE 6: Asymmetrical Top/ Off-shoulder Top

And finally 2 tutorial videos for your help. Check them out!

and here is the multiple ways tutorial video!


Lots of Love!!!