Time for Arm Party!

Do you have some watches and bracelets lying around? Well I do! A lot of them which I haven't even touched in a couple of years. 

We all have such piles of bracelets and bangles lying around in the jewelry boxes which are either passed on to someone or thrown out. Do not waste your pile of baubles!!

Cherish the memories associated with each of them by compiling them into an arm party. Arm party is a compilation of different bracelets, bangles and watches in one set. 

You can be as creative as possible when it comes to Arm party and experiment with different looks. Soon, I will post about how to work up an Arm party, or I must say how to host an Arm party.

I have some of the styles for your consideration over here!

Try these ones out or explore more on internet for inspiration. 

Lots of Love!!!