A few months ago, I posted a tutorial for my loose curls and mentioned how I almost always go about a week in between hair washing. I had several people ask about how I do this with exercising, and the truth was that up until about two months ago I almost never exercised. But I was definitely starting to see and feel the affects it was having on my body, so I joined a gym and have been going three times a week for the last few months.

And while I love how exercising makes me feel, I suddenly understood the questions I got, and realized that I needed to put in a little more effort to still make my hair wash last a full week (and not look terrible). 

Plus, with the start of summer break only a week away, hitting the gym won't be the only thing contributing to wild hair days -- we'll be at the park, the beach, and outside constantly for the next three months. But I still don't want to wash my hair more than once a week! 

So of course, using dry shampoo is my go-to, as always, but dirty hair makes my hair bigger and frizzier, and dry shampoo adds even more volume to that, making it a little harder to manage and make it look good. Enter Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield. I've started using this spray during and after styling my hair, and it makes it sleek and smooth without making it greasy at all. Much better than the lotion I'm often guilty of using to smooth my frizzy ends...yikes. Combined with dry shampoo, it combats dirty and frizzy hair to make it totally fresh and smooth for another day!

In the picture below, I curled my dirty hair, and then used the No Frizz Humidity Shield on one side, sectioning my hair and spraying each large chunk of hair, then running my fingers through it and adding a final finishing spray. See the difference? Look especially at those ends. I should also mention that I have a fresh haircut in these photos, so my ends are as healthy as they can be -- but on the left side they look dead and frizzy. On the right, they look healthy and fresh (like they really are). 

Here's what it looks like before using the Humidity Shield....

And here's after using the humidity shield...

But since I took these pictures on only day three of no washing, and we still have four more days to go until washing day, here's three easy but super cute hairstyles to easily combat your dirty and frizzy hair, and keep it looking great all week long. Plus, each style is great for keeping your hair out your face during the summer while you play! 

1. Fishtail Pony

My fishtail braids always fell out until I discovered the top elastic trick. Now they stay in place all day! Pull your hair in a low ponytail and secure with a small hair tie. Do a regular fishtail down the ponytail, and secure with another small hair tie. Pull some of the pieces along the braid to make it look a little loose and messy. Then spray with the No Frizz Humidity Shield to keep those frizzies away all day. 

2. High Pony with Loose Curls

I love doing this hairstyle for days I just need all my hair out of my face and have leftover curls. Pull your hair high on your head and before securing with an elastic, loosen the hair on the top so it doesn't look glued to your head. Secure tightly with an elastic and then pull out those baby hairs around your ears and temples to create a loose, more effortless look. Spray the Humidity Shield on the curls and run your fingers through them. 

3. Braided Low Pony

This one is so fast and is prettier than just a regular low ponytail. Part your hair on the side, grab about three inches of hair next to the part, and make a braid. Secure with a small hair tie, then loosen each piece down the braid to make it look wide and thick. Then pull all the hair into the into a low pony tail, spray the braid and ponytail with Humidity Spray, and you're ready for the day. 

4. Braided Bun. 

A high messy bun is typically my go-to for super dirty and wild hair days, but this is a good alternative that looks so much prettier. Pull your into a low, loose ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Make the ponytail into a regular braid, secure with a small hair tie, and then spray with No Frizz Humidity Spray. Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and wrap a hair tie around the entire bun to hold it in place. Finish with a final coat of Humidity Spray to keep the bun from getting frizzy through out the day.

You'll see my rocking all four of these hairstyles all summer, and no one will ever know just how dirty and frizzy my hair is (except you...but you won't tell, right??) Which hairstyle is your favorite, and which ones will you be trying this summer with me? 

Lots of Love!!!