Glitterify- Glitter DIY for footwear

Walk walk fashion baby! Work it move that bitch crazy! 

I love listening to Lady GaGa's this song and imagining myself walking on a ramp, showing off my dressing and tapping my heels on the thumping music. I even had a chance to walk for a fashion show organised by my employer company. It was fun and exciting, adrenaline pumping experience!!

I try to get that experience back with my cool heels, every time i wear them and walk on an empty streets listening to music. Heels with glitter are my favorite of all but buying them has always been not such a good experience. 

Brands that sell good glittery heels are damn expensive, and ones in my budget fail to impress me. So i decided to transform my boring heels into hot ones with help of some internet DIYs. Some of them are here for you.

You can follow the steps for similar look, or try on something of your own. Make sure to practice on some cheap pair of heels so even if you mess up, there is not much damage to your pocket. 

Try to use a good quality craft glue and powder glitter for it for a fine finish. you can even mix glitter in glue for a smooth finish or apply glue on shoe first and sprinkle glitter all over. 

Try them out and have fun!

Lots of Love!!!