Modelones Nail Dehydrator & Nail Primer Combo set Review

If you are wondering why your gel manicure does not last more than a couple of days, you are doing something wrong. And if it is lifting from the corners, you are definitely doing something wrong. Yes, girl! Proper nail prep is the key to lasting gel manicures. And whoever says otherwise should be ignored. Whether you are a beginner nail tech or someone who likes to do their nails at home, this will save you a lot of time. 

Prep your nails!

The very first step in prepping nails for a gel manicure is buffing them to remove shiny surfaces, and trimming the cuticles to get extra nail bed real estate. dust it off and clean it with acetone. This is normally we all do, however, we tend to miss the next step. Dehydrator & Primer!

So what difference do a dehydrator and primer make?

Well, It enhances the life of your manicure. After cleaning with acetone, many of us jump straight to gel polish or base coat. However, you forget that many acetones have oils in them like vitamin E. Also it does not dry out the nail bed as it is supposed to. This is where Modelones Nail Dehydrator and Nail Primer set come to your rescue.

You can buy it on their website Modelones.

This combo pack has both a dehydrator and primer. 

Modelones dehydrator removes excess moisture from your natural nail plate. It also removes any remaining oils or creams in case you have applied any. You will see a white cast on your nail after applying the dehydrator. It is very runny, almost like alcohol and evaporates very fast. Also, avoid keeping the bottle open because it will evaporate. 

Modelones nail primer comes after the dehydrator. It is also applied in super thin coats and air dry. It has a sticky layer which allows the base coat or gel polish to stick better on the nail. Primer is quite an essential step in gel manicures as well as while using polygels. 

What should I keep in mind while using them?

  • Refrain from over-filing your nails before applying the dehydrator and primer.
  • Do not apply in large quantities. Thin coats are best.
  • Do not cure it under light. Let them air dry. The dehydrator dries quickly within seconds. Primer may take 30-60 seconds
  • Do not wipe off primer before product application. It has a sticky layer which allows better adhesion.
  • The dehydrator is followed by primer! and not the other way around.

Give your gel manicure extra life with proper nail prep. It will also protect your natural nail plate if done right. Make sure to read the instructions before using the products. If you have any queries, ask me in the comment section. 

Lots of Love!!!