Give your kid a new adventure with Zoomin Personalized Storybooks

 Making a kid happy is not very difficult. All they want is an element of surprise, a little excitement and playfulness. While choosing a gift for your little one, it is important to keep this in mind. Instead of giving them big toys and expensive things, something small with their name on it will work better. And I got the perfect gift for my nephew. A personalised storybook with an adventure that he loves with a character having his name. He was so excited and even said, he looks like me. 

Presenting to you Zooboo Story Books by Zoomin!

They have a huge storybook collection with various adventures and themes. These Zooboo Personalised Storybooks are suitable for girls and boys both. They are suitable for kids above 2.5 years of age. While selecting the books, all you have to do is add details of the kid like gender, name and age. Now you can choose what kind of storybook you want for him or her. They have themes related to Creativity and imagination, Vocabulary Building, Social Skills, and Environmental consciousness. 

It was fun to watch him trying to read and recognise objects in the storybooks. And even more exciting to see how he remembered this story while waiting in traffic next. 

Zooboo by Zoomin is a great place for personalised gifts for kids. Not only storybooks, you can also get Personalised storybooks, pencil boxes, tiffin boxes, water bottles, backpacks, photo frames, cushions and much more. 

What is Zoomin?

Zoomin is your one-stop shop with a huge variety of personalised gifting ideas. From photo frames to coffee mugs, from card stock prints to calendars, from bags to chocolates, you can personalise anything with your pictures. If you want to frame your precious moments, they have a huge selection of high-quality frames. 

You can select among designer frames with prints on them to classic or modern variety. The entire process is so easy and affordable, that you will be amazed. Moreover, delivery is also quick in case you need last-minute gift ideas. Plan a surprise for your sibling, parents, spouse or loved ones with Zoomin. 

If you have any queries, ask me in the comment section. 

Lots of Love!!!