Colorbar Seven From Heaven Base Coat Review & Swatches

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We are back with another review. And in today's review, we will discuss Colorbar Seven from Heaven base coat. According to Colorbar, "With every application, your nails receive a concentrated dose of 7 key benefits, becoming healthier, stronger, smoother, thicker, longer, shinier, and more protected than ever before. This power-packed formula contains Vitamin E, amino acids, violet extracts, argan oil and baobab oils – a magic elixir at your fingertips."

It is free from five harmful chemicals and is safe for the nails. Let's review!

Cost: Rs. 399 for 12 ml

But you can get it for a cheaper price online. 

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What do I love about it?

The applicator is pretty nice. It has round edges and a wide brush so it covers the entire nail in a single swipe. It is not runny but not thick either. This helps the base coat to dry up pretty quickly so you can do your manicure. It has a milky hue to it, with sheer formula. I like this because it helps the colours to pop better on the nails. 

What I don't like?

Yes, it makes the nails strong, but I am not sure about the excessive claims of adding Vitamin E to the nail and increasing moisture. I use cuticle oil and balms regularly but did not see any special result or change in moisture levels, My nails were the same. So, I feel the claims are a bit exaggerated. Yes, it is a decent base coat, but for this price, I can get many options. 

Why is a base coat important for nails?

  • A base coat helps in adding an extra layer of protection to the nails. It makes them strong.
  • Base coat helps in preventing any unwanted pigmentation from using dark polishes. If your nails turn yellow with green or red polish, this helps in preventing it.
  • If you change your polish often, a Base coat helps in preventing damage to the nails.
  • It provides nice coverage to the nails and makes your nail polish look even and smooth.
  • With milky or sheer white base coats, nail polish colours can look better. 
It is a good practice to apply a base coat on the nails before every manicure or nail art. So, go ahead and try it!

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