Born Pretty Women's day / Spring inspired Feminine Artist Line Figure Nail art Stamping Plate Review

We can never have enough stamping plates, right! And when you have cute ones, nail art becomes so much easier. so, in today's blog, I am here with a new stamping plate from Born Pretty. This one is super cute and has an amazing feminine theme. It is inspired by Line art, women, and flowers. Yes, super artistic, this stamping plate is great for your next nail art idea. 

You can buy this here,

Art Plaster Figure Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate Artist-L021

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This is how the stamping plate looks. 

It is made of stainless steel and has a thick plastic card at the back. This helps in preventing you from cutting your fingers with sharp edges. 

Nail Art Design I created using BP-L021

I made this nail art using the plate and some watercolours to fill in the gaps. It is so adorable and beautiful. Looked like a little portrait on my nail. If you want, you can fill it with regular polish as well. 

All these patterns are so cute. Especially the floral patterns are super delicate. And the designs are not too big pr small. So, you don't need to worry about it fitting your nails. I have a small nail plate so my nails can be long but won't be wide. And yet, these patterns fitted them properly.

Here are some ideas for nail art suggested by Born Pretty.

I hope you loved this review and will try this stamping plate. It is beautiful and has many women-themed patterns on it. you can also use it for spring-themed nail art designs. I have posted many nail art tutorials using this one on Facebook and Instagram. Go ahead and try them!

Lots of Love!!!