Is the concept of beauty misleading to sell products?

Being a beauty blogger or nail art blogger, I don't know if I am doing justice while writing this blog. But I will try my best to do so. I wanted to write this for a long time but never mustered the courage to do so. However, seeing all the changes around me has really helped me in coming forward. An FMCG company changed the name of the product it sold for decades. Makeup brands, at least a few trying to include more diversity in their products. Yet many of them are still misleading their consumers to sell their products. 

They feed on your insecurities

Apply this lipstick if you want to be heard, and wear this cream if you wish to be seen. I wish things were this easy for women in this world. When you are not able to accept yourself, these brands feed on your insecurities. As a teenager, while going through magazines, I was in awe of many makeup products, thinking I need them in my life. I was a fat chubby girl, who was insecure about her personality. and I let consumerism take a better part of me. 

Took me years to accept the flaws in my skin. And I do not need makeup anymore to feel comfortable facing the world. I know it is difficult. But we have to make our girls and women feel comfortable with themselves. Start by doing it yourself, and accepting girls around you who want to do it. No more makeup or body shaming!

Be the better self of yours

That cream promising to rejuvenate your skin overnight turning it 10 years younger is total bull shit. Rather use products that help in pampering your skin, benefiting it in the long term. Read about the ingredients, and find out what is good for your skin. instead of having 10 steps Korean skincare routine, have 3-4 products that suit you. It will save money as well as time for you. After a bad skin infection, I have realised that there is no shortcut to getting good skin. You need to work for it. 

Eat well, drink more water, sleep on time and get at least 7 hours of sleep if not more. Put fewer chemicals on your face and stop experimenting with your skin. 

The need to look like someone else

Use makeup to make you happy and not be someone else. It might hide those imperfections, but you have to be comfortable with yourself. Actresses models, they also have flawed skins, which we never see in videos and ads in magazines. Be comfortable in your skin. I love makeup, but never try to hide my imperfections. Yes, I have pores on my cheeks and many acne spots. But when I am able to achieve a nice wing on my eye and that eyeshadow blends perfectly, it makes me feel good. 

If you are not able to do makeup or any particular look, it is okay. Contouring is rocket science to me too. Try to use makeup to accentuate your beauty and not hide it. Makeup is an art and many use it to express themselves but it is not a necessity. 

It pains me when girls very young start putting on a lot of makeup trying to look different. But I also feel surprisingly happy when someone young, boy or girl creates beautifully blended eye makeup. Do what makes you happy and not because of societal pressure. Makeup is not limited to women and should not be limited to women. 

I am no one to tell you what you should or not do. If you love makeup, do it, apply it girl. But don't do it hide your flaws. Your flaws are the ones that make you. those stretch marks, those pores on your skin speak about you. Let your skin breathe. Take care of it, and enhance your natural beauty. I know what I am saying may not make sense, coz sometimes it does not make sense to me either.