Shop iTokri Home Décor Range for New Trendy Cushion Designs

 Who does not want their house to look Pinterest-worthy? And when you get to support an Indian artisan and handloom worker while doing so, it is super satisfying. iTokri is doing precisely the same for me, with their desi home decor range with a twist. I have purchased several products from this website, but cushions are indeed my favorite of the lot. I love how this store offers me a wide range of selections with a touch of Indian roots. This time I got a set of 4 cushions with famous applique cut work done by the artisans of Barmer, Rajasthan. 

This work is done on cotton, using a sheer fabric underneath with an overlay of more opaque fabric on top. The colors are very beautiful. Since they are hand-dyed so you can expect a little bleeding, so make sure to wash them separately at least for the first time. For the delicate work done, I recommend hand washing them using a gentle cleanser and following it with liquid starch. 

Applique Cut Work Cotton Cushion Cover (16 x 16 in) Black

This one is more like a charcoal black kinda shade. 
Rs. 250

Applique Cut Work Cotton Cushion Cover (16 x 16 in) Purple

This is a beautiful lilac purple shade that can add a pop to your bedroom decor.
Rs. 250

What do I love about the iTokri website?

Well, this store adds a unique touch to its products. From sustainable packaging to little gifts inside, you will enjoy every moment and remember it. This is my 4th purchase from the website and I have about 10 cushion covers from them in many colors. Not only this, but I would request you to explore other various kinds of cushion and bedsheet styles available for home decor. They also have a wide range of decor pieces from various parts of India handcrafted with love. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and will keep coming back for more. Search iTokri on my blog to read more about this store and products from them. 

Lots of Love!!!