Highly Recommended Beauty Essentials For This Festive Season

With numerous makeup tutorials available online, it is now easy to do your makeup. You can buy all the beauty essentials online at affordable prices. Follow the tutorials and tips to create a new look. So, on this festive season, why only apply a dash of lipstick and a swipe of kajal when you can go all the way. Are you still feeling unsure? I have mentioned here all about beauty products in the budget that you need for a jazzy festive look.


1. Try liquid lipsticks

Bold shades are the best choice for festive season beauty products. Let’s talk all about beauty products, so if you are planning to get some, try to have it in liquid lipsticks. Matte liquid lipsticks are pretty transfer-proof and look pretty vivid. If you have to wear a mask, it will not budge. You can also use these as blush and eyeshadow with quick makeup tricks. Reds, fuchsia, mauves, wines, and purples are your best picks. Faces Canada, Maybelline, Blue Heaven, Colorbar, and Revlon have shades suitable to Indian skin tones.

2. Get glittery eyeshadows

A little glitter on the eyes never hurt anybody. When everything is so bright and beautiful during the festive season, why not add some glittery eyeshadow to your eyes. You can try out single glitter eyeshadows or get a lovely palette with every shade you want. You can find many options in this range online. Palettes and liquid eye shadows can change your look. There are many eye makeup looks available that you must try!

3. Blush highlighter combo

If you are not much of a highlighter girl, try the blush highlighter combo palette. These palettes have a strip of glittery highlighter which you can use if you like. At the price of one beauty product, you will get two. Also, this can be used as an eyeshadow, hence saving some bucks. Brands like Maybelline, Faces Canada, and Loreal have an excellent range of these.

4. Colorful, sassy nail polishes

Any look is incomplete without colorful nail polishes. Not only reds and pinks, but you can also be as creative as possible with all the shades available. Create cute nail art designs or keep your nails simple with a bold splash of shade. Get unique pigmented nail polishes from Colorbar, Faces Canada, and Blue Heaven.

5. Take care of your skin too

While using beauty products, we often forget to take care of our skin during festive seasons. It can lead to dullness and breakouts. Prevent this by following a proper makeup removal routine. Use makeup removers as they remove makeup quickly and are healthy for your skin. Follow it with face wash and toner. At night, make sure to apply a sheet mask before sleeping. It will help in rejuvenating the skin and bring back that glow.

These might not seem a lot, but having all of them in your vanity is a must for the festive season. All these beauty products are available with significant brands online in India. You can choose them according to your budget. If you are not sure how to apply makeup, tips online can help. Shine on, girl!

Lots of Love!!!