Cute Skittles Nail Art | Easy Stamping Nail Art For Spring

 Skittle nails are so popular these days. Painting your nails in random colors and let them shine on. You can show off your nail polish collection with this easy nail art. No need to learn any brush skill for flaunting skittle nails as you just need to apply the polish and that is it. I created this skittle mani keeping the spring season in mind and another nail art look for skittle nails with a twist. So sit back and enjoy!

Do make sure to go till the end for the tutorial and some more ideas for skittle nails

Easiest Skittle Nails

Products Used to make Skittle Nail Art!

1. Miniso Nail polishes: 
2. Loreal Paris Polishes: 
3. Colorbar Polishes: 
4. Store2508 stamping plates:​ 
5. Store 2508 stamping polish:

Skittle Nail Art With Stamping

Here I topped this same skittle mani with a stamping design. This is a block floral print. You can choose any design with such spread according to your liking and the plate you have got. This will definitely jazz up your nails.

Here is the tutorial for the Skittle nails!

Some interesting Skittle manicure ideas

I hope you loved the tutorial!

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