Faces Canada Hi Shine Ultime Pro Nail Polishes | Review & Swatches

After so many days, I am here with another review of nail polish collection. This time it is by Faces Canada Hi-Shine nail polish range. These are not much, but I got only 6-7 nail polishes from the brand and this range, and the rest were from the Splash range ( it will be posted soon). So, read ahead and enjoy these beautiful swatches of these gorgeous nail polishes. Some of them are from the pastel range while some are from the pop color range. 

About the Brand

High on shine and bang on trend, Faces Hi Shine Nail Enamel is sure to bowl you over. A collection of irresistibly elegant and classy shades. The high-quality formulas contain a blend of non-harmful plasticizers which modify the nail enamel film to be flexible, thus resisting chipping and cracking. It also provides proper hardness, gloss, and adhesion to the nail. The Toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde-free is extremely gentle on your nails. It'smoothly glide on your nails to give you attractive results.

  • TOLUENE & DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde free.
  • Perfect glide and full color on application.
  • Safe for your nails.
  • Solid finish coverage nail paint
  • The high-quality formula contains a blend of non-harmful plasticizers
  • Super rich pigmentation in a single coat
  • Provides proper hardness, gloss, and adhesion to the nail
  • Long-lasting with no chip formula

Shades that I got from Hi-Shine and Ultime Pro range are,

1. Hi-Shine Zingy Coral 213 2. Hi-Shine Spring Flower 191 3. Hi-Shine Dreamy Blue 188 4. Hi-Shine Banana Cream 219 5. Hi-Shine Berry Punch 226 6. Ultime Pro Gel Lustre Winelicious 45


All these nail polishes are priced at Rs. 199 for 9ml but you can get it at a cheaper price online. 

Dreamy Blue

This one is a beautiful calming blue shade with a slight lilac hue. You will see it reflecting purple in certain lights which I really love. the texture is smooth and gives off a nice finish in just about 2 coats. Lasting is also decent, without a top coat it stays for about 3 days before turning dull and chipping. 

Spring Flower

I am all about this pastel yellow color. It is so delicate and gorgeous, I can wear it just like that without any nail art. Makes for a great nail art base. The texture is smooth and you need just 2 coats for good color turn out. Stays on nails without top coat for more than 4-5 days then starts chipping. 


For those who love wine or berry colors, this is a must-have for you all. Winelicious is dark sangria like berry purple shade. This nail polish is slightly sheer, so you will need about 3 coats for the perfect finish. It has a gel-like shine to it making it perfect for all occasions. Stays on your nails for more than 5 days and then it starts looking dull. 

Zingy Coral

Flaunt dazzling nails with this glamorous color of the year, coral nail enamel. This one is very zingy indeed and looks fabulous on nails. You need about 2 coats for a good finish and enjoy a lasting impact. The nail polish stays on nails for 4 days approx before chipping. 

Banana Cream

A new shade to be subtle. A versatile shade goes with all your attires. But I am not impressed by this color. If you will wear it just like that, it looks weird and chips very soon, in just 3 days. So I prefer to use it as a base color for creating nail art designs. 

Berry Punch

Gorgeous strawberry milkshake kinda color. Simple and Beautiful shade for a fairy tale. The baby pink shade is sure to grab all the attention. You can get the color in just 2 coats and lasting is good.


  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Chip-resistant at least for 4 days 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lasting varies with the polishes. Some started chipping on the third day, while some stayed put even after 5.
  • Amazing range of colors.
  • TOLUENE & DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde free
  • Paraben-free and non-carcinogenic


  • Need several coats for some shades
  • Powdery pastel shades are prone to chipping 
  • It might feel a bit costly

Here is the YouTube review for these nail polishes. Do watch and Subscribe for more!


I hope you loved this review and will follow for more. I will post review and swatches for the Faces Canada Splash nail polish range as well soon enough.

Lots of Love!!!