Budget-friendly Nail Art Stamping Plates You Should Buy on Amazon India

Being a nail art lover, having good tools, and nail polishes are my first priority. However, I don't like to spend a lot on nail art tools and always look for some budget-friendly options available. Hence, instead of buying expensive stamping plates and stampers from international brands, I opted to go for some local brands providing low-cost stamping plates. I was not expecting to get such good quality of the plates, products and so many free gifts along with every purchase. I am sharing some of my favorite stamping plates and products that I think you will love to have in your Nail Art product collection.

Trust me, I have used them and loved them. Delivery can be a bit late with some sellers, but the products are really good. You can visit my Instagram channel to see all the nail designs I have created using them!

Store2508® Nail Stamping Kit SET E With 6 Rectangular Image Plates, Clear Jelly 3.8 Cm Stamper& Scraper, Nail Art Tip Guides & Nail Striping Tapes (SET E)

This is my current favorite set of nail art stamping plates and I am enjoying it almost every day. A stamping polish also came with the set in the color of black along with one or two more gifts. It is a complete set any nail art lover, especially a beginner would want to have. 

Store2508® Nail Stamping Kit SET A With 6 Rectangular Image Plates, Clear Jelly 3.8 Cm Stamper& Scraper, Nail Art Tip Guides & Nail Striping Tapes (SET A)

This is the SET A of the same brand mentioned at the top. You will get a free stamping polish with the purchase so if you are a newbie who is learning stamping and don't have every tool, this is a good purchase for you. 

Lifestyle-You® Nail Stamping Kit With 5 Rectangular Steel Image Plates, Silicone Stamper & Scraper & Stamping Nail Polish

This stamping plate collection has a wide range of design in 5 plates. You get valentine's day, desserts, food, birthday, animals, birtds, lace patternsand random full nail wrap kinda patterns over here in this collection. Along with this, the stamper is a two way stamper and you also get 2 nail polishes black and white color. Visit my Instagram account to see some designs I have created using these plates. 

Store2508® Super Value Combo Kit of Nail Art Tools – 3d Nail Art, Nail Stamping Image Plates, Silicone Stamper, Nail Art Brush set, Nail Dotting Tool Set.

Another pack that gives you almost everything you need for cute nail art designs. It is super budget friendly and easy to use. 

Lifestyle-You® Nail Stamp Plate Nail Art Image Stamping Plates Steel Stamper Scraper Set Nail Art Tools

These are acrylic plates and not stainless steel like other brands. If you have stamper, scraper and stamping polishes, but need a variation of nail art designs in stamping plates, this pack will give you that. It has 16 designs having a vast collection of beautiful patterns. 

24x7 eMall 2 Pc Nail Stamping Plates For Nail Art 12 x 6 Cm (Random Designs)

I love these stamping plates, first, because they are super cheap and second because I get various fabric patterns and floral [atterns with this, exactly what I need to create easy nail designs. 

ZJOY Nail Stamping Kit With 4 Jumbo Image Plates (9.5 * 14 Cm), Clear Jelly Stamper with Large 3.8 Cm Stamp Head, Plastic Card Scraper & 6 bottles Special Stamping Nail Polish. Free 3D Nail Art Set

I am in love with this stamping plate collection. There are 6 special polishes, stamper, plates, and a free 3d nail art glitter set. The designs are a variation so you can create many nail art patterns with this. 

You can check out them by clicking at the Buy it here links I have mentioned. If you have any questions regarding these, do tell me and I will try my best to answer. Happy Nail arting!

Lots of Love!!!