The 6 Coolest Nail Designs to Try This Summer

This summer, folks are going all out with their nails when it comes to bright and out-of-the-box manicures. In the last few months alone, it feels like we've seen a new nail trend surface on Instagram every week, with a few of our favourites being stars (seen all over Los Angeles), confetti, and neon. In fact, neon nails have even been spiking on Pinterest all summer long, which just goes to show how much people are loving the playful, electric look.

If daring manicures aren't your jam, though, don't be afraid to take these trends and make them your own. For instance, if you wanted to try a look with stars, you don't have to put them on every single nail in a super-bright shade. Instead, you can keep things simple by adding just one or two tiny stars as accents. It's all about doing whatever makes you feel most like you.

For nail chameleon, Kylie Jenner, bold colours and designs have been her religion this season, like the tie-dye manicures we've seen her sporting everywhere.

Now, it's about time you determine what you want your summer nail vibe to be. Ahead, we compiled the coolest trends we've seen so far to help get you started.

Confetti Party

Nothing says "It's summer, let's celebrate" quite like confetti nails. Just imagine your digits decked out in glitter, foiled stars, and sequins as you sip on a glass of rosé, or as you dance out of work on a Summer Friday. (Sounds nice, right?) Confetti nails are especially cool in that they take a few different popular nail appliqués like stars and sparkles and meld them together to make one amazing, party-ready manicure. And, of course, it's completely customizable.

Tie-Dye Swirl

Tie-dye is making a major comeback this season — first, in the form of the classic T-shirts, and now, on our nails. Type in "#tiedyenails" on Instagram and over 13,000 posts will appear, the majority of them being from over the last few months. Even Kylie Jenner herself has tried the trend, and her fans went wild for it when she did.

Again, there's no wrong or right way to recreate this design — you can make it as bold or as minimal as you like. Here, nail artist Park Eunkyung did a different colour tie-dye design on each digit, but you can take whatever twist you want on the trend.

Jelly Chic

While the jelly nail trend might make us nostalgic for those iconic sandals we sported as kids, it also happens to be modern and incredibly chic. This dreamy floral pink manicure, in particular, was created by nail artist Jane Safarian. The sheer jelly nails look almost like stained glass when the light shines through them, she explained what she was going for.

Neon Bright

Neon is another nail trend where just about anything goes, whether it be all-over colour, tiny electric accents, or an exciting twist on the classic French manicure (the latter of which Los Angeles-based nail artist Thao was going for here). Whatever you do, adding a touch of neon to any look is an excellent way to stand out and get noticed.

Evil Eyed

This cute and only-sometimes-creepy evil eye is perfect for anyone who wants an enviable manicure without having to put in a lot of effort. It can be easily done in five minutes flat with just three colours of your choosing and a dotting tool. Oh, and you do not have to be a pro to nail (no pun intended) it.

Seeing Stars

Recognize this hand, anyone? It's Kylie Jenner, wearing yet another one of the hottest nail trends of the summer: stars. If the look is too much for you, switch it up by using neutral colours, or have all your stars on one accent nail. That being said, we would recommend a stencil for beginners so you get the shape of the stars just right.

Do you like these nail designs? Tell me in the comments below which one would you like to try out this summer season!

Lots of Love!!!