5 Ways To Enjoy Rum Chocolate Spread

Shout out to all the chocolate lovers out here!

I love eating chocolate day and night. Can eat them in bunches in every form, give it liquid, solid, chips, cookies, spreads and what not. So, when I bought this Intensity Chocolate and Rhum Spread with 54% dark chocolate from Masala Monk, you could imagine my excitement to try it on. After all, it is dark chocolate with Rum in it!

It is delicious and has that unique sweet bitter kick to it which does not let it become overwhelming. For those who want to buy it, it is available exclusively on Masala Monk. If you are a chocolate lover and want to eat it with everything, here some tried and tested ways to enjoy your boozy chocolate spread with a little extra kick!

Spread it on Breakfast Toast!

Give your early morning sweet tooth a surprising kick of dark chocolate and rum by spreading the chocolate spread on brown bread toast or multigrain toast. For that extra yummy taste, make sure your toast is has a nice golden brown crisp layer. This is the best hangover food!

Drizzle it on Brownies!

Feeling fancy? Warm up some brownies and drizzle them with some of this chocolate spread. If the spread is a bit too sticky, melt it a little bit through the double boiler. If you are a nut lover like me. sprinkle a generous quantity of walnuts or roasted almond chunks on brownies.

Mix it in Cold Coffee!

Mixing chocolate spread in hot chocolate is a pretty normal thing to do. Take to the next level and drizzle this boozy chocolate spread to your cold coffee. For those who hate sweet cold coffees, this is a good alternative. Make a glass for you with beat coffee, some milk, chocolate spread and next to none sugar.

Healthy Desserts!

For someone who craves for sweets all the time or chocolate all the time, the chocolate spread can give you some good option of healthy desserts. Slice ripe banana in huge chunks, dip them in the molten chocolate spread and slather with peanut butter on one side. You can freeze banana before doing it for making it more firm. For a quick non-fancy fix, drizzle your fruits like banana, strawberries, raspberries or any fruit which you love with chocolate spread and enjoy it a little more. Taste with health, this is it!

Cook with it!

This one is very easy, just replace everything where you need chocolate or think it will go best with rum chocolate spread an cook it up. Moist banana bread, crispy crepes, waffles or pancakes, the chocolate spread will go well with everything. It is 54% dark chocolate and contains fewer carbs and sugar so you need not worry about it. 

Chocolate & Rhum spread goes well with almost everything, you just have to be a little creative with it. Get started and enjoy it like I do!

Lots of Love!!!